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What Type of Footwear Protects Your Entire Feet

Truly speaking, there is no one single footwear that will protect your entire, but plenty in number. Making choices among them is a bit tough, though we tried to summarize about all those types of footwear that come under the list of top 5 among them.

Protection for the entire feet would encompass numerous factors such as:

  • Protection of the toes from falling or rolling objects of heavy load.
  • Feet ailments such as protection against bunions, blisters, athlete’s foot, etc.
  • Protection against pain.
  • Prevention of pressure in certain areas only.
  • Protection against cuts.
  • Protection against heat and cold.
  • Protection from sweat.
  • Protection against twists and turns of the ankles.
  • Electrical hazard protection.

Though it is very tough to get all round protection against all the above mentioned factors, yet there are certain shoes which offer commendable protection against most of them.

So, in this article I am going to tell you about all those types of footwear which protect your entire feet and how.

Let’s get started!

Different Types of Footwear that Protects your Entire Foot

From our deep study we came to the conclusion that if you own any of the following footwear, you would be completely protecting your entire foot from any types of injuries, though a specific concern needs a specific shoe:

  • Safety toe shoes
  • Steel toe shoes
  • Metal instep footwear
  • Steel insole shoes

Let’s delve into details:

Safety Toe Shoes

Safety toe shoes include composite toe, aluminum toes, soft toes, etc. These toes are especially designed to protect your toe area from any heavy falling, rolling or sharp loads. But besides doing this job, these types of footwear also give protection to your entire feet like having cushioned insoles for comfort, shock absorption, heel and arch support, midsole support, ankle support, oil, slip and abrasion resistance, insulation, waterproof, electrical hazard protection, etc. But you need to look for these features in the selected safety toe boots before buying them because not all safety toe boots will have all the features.

Steel Toe Shoes

They have very similar features to those of safety toe shoes, just with a difference that the toe caps are made of steel. The steel toe caps are particularly designed for the purpose of giving protection to your toes from extreme loads and cuts. There is no other footwear in the world that can beat the strength of steel toe shoes. But they are heavy-duty footwear and cannot pass through a metal detector.

Metal Instep Footwear

This type of footwear is built with a special surface package. They protect the entire foot from all possible angles. But they are especially designed to protect the bottom of the feet from sharp and uneven objects which is a much needed factor in the construction sites. The only thing is that they are not a good choice for protecting the upper portions of the feet from falling of heavy objects.

Steel Insole Shoes

If stability is the factor you are looking for, then you can blindly select these steel insole footwear as they are especially designed to provide support and stability against joint pain and foot pain. If you are the one who has to sit in a driver’s seat for long hours, then this is the one for you.

Most Common Foot Injuries/Ailments:

The above discussed points concentrate only on threats to your feet from outside objects. Now the question is what about the threats that are caused internally? I mean there are certain injuries which can develop the feet for certain features present inside the shoes. But before that, let’s see what the most common foot injuries are:

  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Athlete’s feet
  • Heel spur
  • Ankle sprain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Now protecting your feet from these injuries isn’t the job of shoes alone. You need some other protective footwear gears for the purpose. I have made the following list for you after the detailed study:

Thick moisture wicking fabric socks

These socks will prevent your feet from not only getting rubbed and developing blisters, but the moisture wicking fabric of the socks will also keep the sweat away from the feet, thus preventing athlete’s feet and bunions.

Prefer the shoes and boots with laces

If your boots have laces, you can adjust the fit, that is make it tight or loose according to your comfort. So, your feet won’t get sprains or cuts because of the improper fit.

Protect the finger that hurts more using a rubber toe cap

Mostly it is the biggest toe and the smallest toe which gets blisters or cuts because of rubbing against the wall of the shoes. You can avoid this problem by using a rubber toe cap which will protect your fingers from developing blisters and bunions.

Cushioned Insoles

If your shoes are hard or have steel plates, you can use a good cushioned insole so that your feet get comfort and you won’t experience pain after standing for long hours in the shoes.

Soft cotton pads to protect the ankle from blisters

You can insert soft cotton pads in the heel and ankle area which have a tendency of getting rubbed and developing blisters.

Pro Tips:

  • Select shoes with a good lace-up system
  • Choose the shoes with good quality eyelets
  • Choose the ones with good heel and ankle support
  • The toe box should be a bit roomy
  • Toe caps are really important

Before we say Goodbye:

Hope you know the fact by now that using one single footwear won’t solve all of your problems. The things to be considered and the alternative measures have been discussed by us for your convenience.

Hope the next time you go to buy your footwear, you know what are your problem areas and what features to look for in the shoes. Also now you know the other aids to correct some missing safeguards in the footwear.

Well, that’s all for today guys! We will be soon back with another piece of writing. Till then, take care and…

Keep walking!

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