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What Is Automotive Spray Paint? Different Types Of Automotive Spray Paint Guns.

Automotive spray paint is used on the vehicles for both decoration and protection. It is the most used spray paint because of less impact on the environment.

The automotive spray consists of color pigments. It uses the thinner to level the consistency. It usually has a binder that binds the thinner and pigment together.

If you want to change the look of your care, automotive spray paint is the perfect option.

Remember to purchase a primer that helps in the smooth coloring of the vehicle. Furthermore, the inner coating of the primer helps the paint to stick well on the car.

After the primer is added, a basecoat is applied which is the actual colored paint of the automobile and is on the top of the primer.

After this, a clear coat of paint is applied which creates a transparent and glossy coating; this layer can withstand UV light.

Types of automotive spray paint guns

Here are different types of spray paint guns:

Airless Spray paint gun

Airless paint sprayers use a lot of pressure to spray paint, pushing it through the head of the device in small drops. These drops have an equivalent pattern that flows smoothly to the work surface.

When you’re dealing with an airless spray, it’s all about speed. The enormous pressure creates the rush of completing large-scale projects in a relatively short period.

HVLP spray paint gun

It is a high volume low-pressure gun which is the opposite of an airless spray gun. Rather than using a lot of pressure, this system minimizes the pressure to produce higher volumes.

It is not a quick system and it was not made to be one. You probably won’t use it to paint a room, but you can use it to paint the automobiles, your furniture, or your cabinets as it is an accurate painting tool.

A decent HVLP spray system gives a good finish on really fine looking projects. It is usually more affordable than airless spray systems.

You can find plenty of information about the top 10 HVLP automotive spray guns on this website.

LVLP spray paint gun

These are the low-volume low-pressure spray guns that are very easy to use. They provide value with the quality to provide good looking paint projects at an affordable price.

These systems can paint large surfaces with great speed.

Compressed air spray paint gun

This spray paint system usually requires a spray gun and an air compressor. It is a simple setup and easy to use for amateurs.

Gravity feed spray paint gun

It is much like the HVLP, which can produce a wide variety of different coats on the work surface. It is extremely precise and easy to clean up.

Professionals and skilled persons usually use HVLP and airless paint spray guns.

Every spray paint setup has three vital components:

  • A gun, which sprays the finish
  • A cup or pot, which holds the finish
  • A power system, which moves the finish through the gun and atomizes it at the air cap

Automotive spray paint guns provide many benefits over traditional painting:

  • Since a spray finish is built in thin layers, small smudges and scratches are not as obvious as with a brushed finish.
  • It can be sprayed on pieces of any size or shape rather than a brush or rag. Besides, the atomization of paint reduces drying time so you can sand projects in less time.
  • As the paint dries faster, dust particles have less time to settle on the finished piece.
  • The automotive spray gun is versatile and allows you to perform special techniques like shading or toning that are much harder to do by hand.
  • Almost any paint that can be applied with a brush can be replaced with a spray gun, but not all spray paints can be done with a brush.
  • Using a spray paint gun is not as hard to master as it may seem intimidating. You can reach mastery with a spray gun compared to a brush.
  • You can better control the application rate and thickness of the coat with a spray gun than with a brush or rag. With an air sprayer, you can adjust the air pressure and fluid flow to make sure you are applying light and coat the entire surface of the workpiece.
  • Spray guns make it easy to reach small areas or narrow corners that are difficult to reach with a brush.
  • One of the best reasons to invest in automotive spray paint guns is that they offer quality and consistency.
  • When properly set up and applied correctly, a spray paint gun system provides a smooth, top quality, and durable finish in a fraction of the time compared to a brush.

Spray paint gun systems cover home use, industry use, car paints, and woodworking too, which means it can be used in a variety of applications.

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