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Ways in Which Online Learning Can Assist in Propelling Your Career

Learning comprises a concept that resonates with almost every age group world over. The same also applies in informal settings where the same learners can get to grasp concepts from observations among many other learning methods.

Well, learning never stops and it begins immediately after getting born, through elementary and high school, up to the college or university level and beyond. It virtually never stops and that’s why you can come across a phrase such as “lifelong learning” that proves so synonymous with many in this century.

Different people have diverse experiences and outcomes when it comes to learning. Some heavily rely on conventional forms for one reason or the other while others get an opportunity to use online resources for their learning needs. All these, however, constitute part of the lifelong learning process and one cannot take away from the contribution of each form.

Kirill Bigai, a co-founder and CEO discussed in one of the more recent Forbes community voice pieces about his learning journey and what part online learning had in his career trajectory. He also highlighted the main attributes of an effective online learning platform.

Insights on Online Learning

Launching a business from online learning

Mr. Bigai proposes the need to continuously keep learning because the situation demands and people can learn, unlike previous dispensations where not many CEOs would have boasted about having continuing learning programs.

He speaks candidly from his personal experience because he had to rely heavily on courses offered online ranging from history, design, to finance to launch his business startup. Further, he incorporated data analysis, coding coursework into the whole mix besides listening to specific audiobooks to hone his language skills in English. He further goes on to conclude that online learning comprises his startup business besides it acting up as the secret to his success.

Bigai points out his experience as a commonplace occurrence among many people backed by research outcomes. For instance, a large proportion of MOOC learners within the thirty to forty-four years of age have university degrees. So the only intention for such learners would entail improving on the performance at their workplace. Lifeline learning accompanied by online learning can prove advantageous to aspiring leaders who need to get comfortable living a life of continually becoming. The statement comes courtesy of Mikkelsen Kenneth and Jarche Harold as contained in the review article of the Harvard Business.

Best support online platforms offer to lifelong learning

Online platforms for learning differ in the intent and capability when they get developed. As such, Bigai opines that the platforms that prove more successful have a myriad of things as standard and in common. It includes agility when it comes to the capacity of evolving and adapting to the needs of the learner. Additionally, the platforms are smart when it comes to their ability in personalizing the education experience via the collection and analysis of data.

He further predicts that such learning platforms equipped with these key infrastructures can prove central when it comes to the basic learning mode soon. The nature of these platforms concerning flexibility, adaptability, affordability, and scalability positions it as ideal to responding to the present ever-changing learning needs.


Students can learn formally in school through teachers or using online resources such as custom dissertation writing service for their assignments. Bigai who speaks from a level of experience and strength can only offer valuable insights and as such, adopting these in propelling your career can never go wrong. Carefully consider these if advancing your career through online learning comprises a key value in your life at the moment.

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