Top Things to Know Before Your Agra Tour

Do you plan to visit Agra? Agra is the abode of love, it is not only a historical place, but it is also the 7th wonder of the world. This is among the most visited areas, and those who have visited can testify that the place leaves you with the most memorable moments in life

This city has its very outstanding aura. When it comes to heritage, Agra holds it intensely, and it is one of the things that you will enjoy while you interact with the inhabitants. This city upholds its culture. 

 This place is exceptional for people who love tourism, architecture, archaeology, and even food. And your Agra Tour will not be complete without paying a visit to the Taj Mahal. The monument is famous for its symbol of love, and this place makes the visitors turn green with envy since the ages. 

Therefore, be it that you are from this country or from an outsider, your trip to Agra, and feasting your eyes on the Taj Mahal is a must. You can have thebest photographs at Taj Mahal for memories 

However, before paying a visit to the place, there are some things that you need knowing to avoid dampener. Here are the tips you need to consider to make your trip a memorable one.

Best time to visit

When you think of visiting Agra, avoid the winters as most of the sites will be shadowed with fog that is from November to February. Schedule your Agra tour between the months of March to June and have fun. Enjoy walking through the city while getting to know more about their culture and way of life. 

There are different entrance gates at the Taj Mahal

When you choose to visit the monument, there are three gates. The south, west, and east. You can decide on the entrance to use, but the best is the South Gate, where there are lesser crowds. The main reason behind this is that people do not want to wait over the longer ques as compared to the other two gates. 

The west gate that is the main entrance, is mainly used by a majority of the local visitors. This entrance has the longest ques of people all day throughout. The best time to use this gate, however, is during the sunrise. There are always fewer crowds. 

The East Gate is used mainly by foreign visitors. The main reason is due to its closeness to several hotels. This is the best option to use, especially when your accommodation is around the place. 

Ticket prices differ for different people

Due to the various disparity in income of the locals as compared to the foreigners, the ticket prices o visiting the various tourist attraction sites varies. The entry fee for the foreigners is a bit high as it includes a water bottle, golf or bus cart service at the entry gates, and a map to Agra. For the locals, they pay much lesser as they are the natives and well conversant with the various places

Avoid visiting the Taj Mahal on Fridays

On your tour to Agra, avoid visiting the Taj Mahal on Fridays. The monument is usually open for visitors from 6 am to 7 pm every day except on Fridays. As it is used for prayers. The memorial is typically public also from 8.30 pm to 12. 30 am for viewing the full moon. 

If you are in Agra for a few days, visit Taj last

During your tour to Agra, you can catch up with extra bucks. You can visits the other sites first and have fun before turning back to the main visited Taj Mahal. You can always get some discount on entry tickets to Taj at the different attraction sites such as the Agra Fort. But one thing to remember is checking the stump on your card, as it remains valid only for the particular day. 


When planning for a tour in Agra, you must place the above considerations first. No one wants to get disappointed after having designed their journey for a long time. Save yourself through this whole stress by acquainting yourself with the things you need to know and do on your visit to Agra.  

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