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Top Big Data Certifications

Big Data is a driving force in decision-making processes of growing organizations. Looking at the potential benefits of Big Data-driven decision making processes, companies are increasingly looking to hire Big Data professionals. IBM forecasts that the number of data-related jobs will increase to 2.7 million by 2020.

Lucrative salary, recognition, and abound growth opportunities are few reasons which attract professionals and fresh graduates towards data analytics jobs. Big Data certifications are helpful in acquiring the skills required for data analytics roles. Certifications are available for aspirants as well as mid-level data analytics professionals.

If you’re looking to start a career in Big Data or progress as a Big Data professional, following certifications will get you going.

  1. Certified Analytics Professional ( CAP)
    This certification is offered by The Institute for Open Research and Management Sciences. Taking this certification equips candidates with business intelligence, data science, test analytics model, and other related topics. In order to take this certification, you need to have at least 5 years of professional analytics experience.
  2. SAS Certified Big Data Professional

This Big Data certification is offered by SAS Academy. A leading industry body in the analytics field and manufacturer of SAS, a popularly used analytical tool. Taking this certification will equip you in Big Data skills required to start a career in Big Data. You need at least six months of experience working SAS or six months of using mathematics, statistics, or related skills in a business environment.

  1. Cloudera Certified Associate : Data Analyst

This certification is meant for professionals with experience as SQL developers, database management, business intelligence specialist, and system architects. Candidates who take this certification learn to use Impala and Hive, two popular tools for Big Data manipulation in the industry.

  1. Associate Big Data Engineer
    Also abbreviated as ABDE, this certification is offered by DASCA. This is meant for fresh tech-school graduates who aspire to make a career in Big Data. In order to take this certification, graduates are required to have good understanding of object-oriented programming language and SQL statements.
  2. Certified Associate ( Data Science and Big Data)
    Dell EMC offers this certification among other Big Data courses for aspiring Data Scientists. This certification covers areas such as advanced analytical methods, Hadoop (and Pig, Hive, HBase), Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Visualization methods. This certification is equally valuable for working Data Scientists looking to evolve in their career.

The above-mentioned certifications are top certifications available for graduates aspiring to begin a career in Big Data, and for professionals looking to accelerate their growth. Big Data certifications is a continuous evolving field, where developments are happening every passing day. Though these certifications are helpful to build a base and provide a necessary impetus for career growth and skills. Continuous learning, like any tech role, is and will be the key to growth in this space. So choose one certification and get going with it.


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