Top 5 Web Browesers to Use in 2021

Are you seeking a safer and faster way to get online with the best web browser of 2019? The best browsers are well known for offering good security and great speed. The right browser is indeed the need of every internet user and it surely makes a big difference in the daily browsing activities.

The good browser offers fast performance, more flexibility and good security options even with added downloadable extensions. You won’t realize that the browser you are using until now may not be the best one because you have many better browser options that will make life easy by suiting your needs.

Selecting a good browser is not much difficult. All of the browsers are available online with downloading options. You can download any browser as listed below and find the exclusive choice which suits best to your requirements. So for a secure internet browsing experience, below is our ultimate list featuring the best web browser of 2019.


Chrome is adaptable and fast. It is the only browser that is widely used worldwide and awarded as the efficient browser of the year 2018. It is one of the nicest web browsers that takes minimum space and is an amazingly stable platform. Users can easily install extensions and enhance its efficiency with a wide range of available options and settings.

It also offers parental control settings making browsing safe and secure for kids. Google team took serious measures to update the security and aims to maintain the web browser standard. The web browser Google Chrome offers extensive features that include experiencing VR headsets or accept input from different sensors. You can do PTCL Speed Test and it will let you know your download and upload speed.


  • Google Chrome offers great fast performance
  • It is infinitely expandable


After a long-time Mozilla Firefox is back with updated algorithm and increased speed. Its comeback after so many years is impressive and enabled people to set it as a default browser. Firefox was famous because of extensions and its flexibility but it lags in speed. The amazing web browser now takes victory in terms of security and privacy. The regular updates made it fast with the added support for blocking harmful ad and password-free logins.


  • It offers great and fast browsing
  • The web browser has light behavior on a system
  • It offers strong security options


Opera web browser is famous for a clean and intuitive interface. It is a great choice for novice users or people who want to keep their browsing slow. It is true Opera is a quality browser that launches fast, simple interface and owns every feature that can be counted as a good measure.

It offers good browsing speed by managing the web traffic routing through the servers of Opera by providing user seamless browsing experience. The feature of an integrated ad blocker is perfect for battery saving and enables your device to work for a longer time.


  • It owns an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It is comparatively fast than other browsers
  • Best for mobile and PC`s

Microsoft Edge

If you are a user of Windows 10, you will probably be having a default web browsing experience on Microsoft Edge. Edge is user-friendly and best for enterprises. It runs seamlessly on tablet and good with Cortana as well. The latest update of Microsoft Edge is super-fast but maybe a little complex for the default Opera or Google Chrome users.


  • It is very fast because of the exceptional features
  • It offers complete integration
  • Best for windows 10
  • Built-in reading mode is great for long working hours

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the oldest web browser with minimal yet modest design. Internet Explorer is compatible with almost any system because it demands less RAM and less space on CPU. Thus, IE is unable to handle extensions as much Opera, Firefox or Chrome can.


  • The oldest yet modest web browser
  • It is powerful and super-fast
  • Internet explorer is efficient
  • It offers a simple and clean design

How to install a new browser?

Installing a new web browser is an easy task; you only need some technical skills. Search for any of the above-mentioned browsers and go to the browser website. Click on download and allow for permissions for downloading and installation.

Users can install multiple browsers at once to try which suits best to your needs. Every browser will take space on the device and use resources to operate optimally. After installing your favorite browser start browsing your favorite sites and if you feel slow browsing it can be caused by your slow internet. To monitor your internet you can do Etisalat speed test to know about your internet speed.

Wrapping up

All of the above-mentioned web browsers are best and famous for their performance. They are available for free on their sites. We understand that web browsers are essential tools for organizations, individuals and everyone working on PC. So, find a suitable browser and let’s get to work.

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