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Top 5  Food Brands with Mobile Apps

Today we all know how the digital revolution has impacted the whole world. Everything you think of having or buying is just available at your doorstep, with only one click on your phone or laptop. You don’t even have to roam outside to get those things anymore. Thanks to the internet and online platform, we can now have everything by just searching it online.

Apart from the other household or personal items, food is one of the best markets that has evolved in recent years. The food market has seen a massive spike in its profits after online delivery has come into existence. As per the latest stats, the online food market in the US is expected to reach a revenue of US$26,527m in the year 2020 and looking at this fast growth of the online system, many big food brands that are already operating in this region have shifted their focus towards online ordering and delivery method.

There are various famous brands or food outlets that have already started their mobile apps to order your favorite food listed in their menus. Today we will tell you about such brands that have already made their spot in this online food delivery system and serve their customers while making huge profits.

Here is the list of Top 5 Food Brands that have adopted the online system of food delivering across the world:

Burger King

Burger King, a huge food brand that started in the US in 1954, is still considered one of the most popular food brands globally and has its roots across various parts of the globe. This food brand has also shifted towards the online delivery system and is serving its vast customer base with the mobile apps and the websites they have developed for the same. It has seen massive growth after the online system has started and is making more progress in this industry. The brand is expected to expand its online ordering and work to make its brand reach more people throughout the world.


The second food brand that is making an impact in this market is the most common name, and we are sure that you would have already tried their food in the past. This big food brand is known for its healthy and fresh food items and is dominant in this section of the food market. So, this brand is known as Subway.

This food brand is already functioning in most of the countries in the world and is doing great. Moving towards the online delivery system has added to this brand’s assets and has made them more popular than before. The internet has helped them to increase their customer base in various regions, and they are continuing to grow more in this competitive market.


Moving ahead in the list, the third food brand that has been made into this list is Mc Donalds. The famous American brand that has a huge impact on the food market throughout the world. This brand has been growing at a very fast pace throughout the world. The main factor that makes it more appealing is the cost and the quality of the food that they offer.

Customers get attracted to the deals and find it very affordable to have it, making it more popular. The internet and online ordering system has also been the leading cause for the growth of this food brand. The sudden rise due to these online platforms has helped these food brands increase their productivity and increase their total revenue.

Pizza Hut

The next food brand that joins this list is a very famous pizza brand known for its various varieties and styles of pizzas. This brand is Pizza Hut and has an occupancy of about 50% in the food market’s pizza section. This food brand has its various outlets around the world and has its influence on the market.

People enjoy this food brand and find it economical at the same time. The use of mobile apps and websites for ordering food from pizza hut is higher than any other brand that competes with them. This has helped them to make more customers and provide better service to their customer base.


The final brand that we have included in our list is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain brand and is known for its big roastery reserves. This brand has already made it to various countries and is expanding its reach around the globe. This mighty food or coffee brand is known as Starbucks.

This food giant has been serving its customers through its stores in the past and has a significant amount of popularity among youngsters in particular. The brand has adopted the new trend of delivering its products using the online platform to serve its customers in various countries. This unique idea of serving customers through online platforms has helped them increase their fortune and add up to their revenues simultaneously.


This was our list for the Top 5 Big food brands that are famous in the US and in various other parts of the world. These brands have made their name across the globe only because of their sheer hard work in every aspect of their functioning.

They all have been useful in every factor that is important for their survival in the market. Quality, availability, cost, and quantity everything is so perfectly balanced that customers, after seeing a great deal get automatically attracted to them. And this is what makes them the big food brands in the world.

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