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Top 3 Vacuums for Home Cleaning Reviews

Top 3 Vacuums for Home Cleaning Reviews

There are plenty of vacuums, and how you going to pick a most reliable cleaner for your home cleaning needs? Well put your worries aside, because deciding on good vacuum isn’t a tough mission. The following are some of the critical questions/mark in mind you needs to take care of:

  • Suction power – How powerful is the cleaner?
  • Price – How much can I spend on a vacuum?
  • Features – filtration system, bagged vs bagless, type of floors, cord or cordless, noise level, etc
  • Needs – Do I need huge vacuum like Central one, traditional full-sized upright or canister vacuum or I can get robotic vacuum and it’s enough.
  • Size/weight – If I pick 20 pounds vacuum, won’t I get tired quickly with the vacuum? Should I get a lightweight cleaner?
  • Accessories – A vacuum with more on board tools will be better. Some cleaner is specially designed for specific purposed like for pet hair, allergy, carpet, hard floor, etc.
  • Warranty – Super important, no matter product you buy. How long is the warranty?
  • Readers/buyers review or rating – Great index to see if the vacuum worth even buying.

In my opinion, price and needs/usage are the most important. First, which is obvious, you shouldn’t throw more money than you can afford. Vacuums are important and useful, but need to be considered carefully how much you should spend on it. The price is connected directly to the next point, the needs and usage.

If I have already a canister vacuum at home, and it isn’t old/broken, I think I would pick some robotic vacuum to ease my life in the cleaning course, instead of buying another canister vacuum, which still leaves me to do all the chores ‘alone’.

Picking good vacuum shouldn’t take a long time, because like your dream car, when you see it at first, you will fall in love with the right vacuum right away. But checking some more information before getting one is always good, and that what the site is for. So don’t hesitate to check out the other reviews or comparison sites online, to get your dream vacuum and have the full and right experience with it.

Top 3 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Following are the top three vacuum recommendations for different types of floors:

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iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

iRobot Roomba 880 Robot Vacuum

iRobot is the “MVP” among all the cleaners, both in its own category and also in the other vacuum types. The company made their name out there with the best quality robotic vacuums. If Apple is leading in the trends and technology among smartphones, iRobot is the leading company among the robotic vacuums. And their products aren’t just smart, but also have the modern beautiful look everyone wants to have.

The Roomba 880 is the most popular product among the Roomba series. It has all the new features and the wisest moves. While all the robotic vacuums go around in circles and clean, not everyone do it as Roomba 880 does. The Responsive Navigation Technology enables the unit to find all the dusts around any corners of your home.

The Roomba vacuum conquers every type of area and doing it in the smoothest way, and the most important, quietly. Yes, quietly. One of the biggest problems among vacuums is how loud some are, but robotic, and especially the Roomba 880 is quieter than flowing river.

Yet, it isn’t the end for the “smart Roomba moves section”. iRobot has some more tricks to show us, some of my favorite. You can schedule the Roomba to do the cleaning when it is most convenient for you. Yes! Just like an alarm clock, you basically say to your Roomba “pet”: “Go eat the dust in 8pm, each day”.

Another incredible ‘trick’ is the automatic docking. Each robotic (or at least most of them) have a little housing area, their dock where you charge it. Roomba 880 offers the option to go recharge itself automatically between cleaning sessions! In other words, Roomba by iRobot takes care of itself, and all you need to do is to own one, click on “on” button, and you’re done. Leave all the dirty (literally) work to your Roomba.

But, some people might find some disadvantage to this vacuum. Although it was hard for me to find, but one of the biggest advantages is the weight. It’s not the ideal weight for vacuum, and is a bit heavy, especially when the robot isn’t made of most of the parts that vacuum is. Yet, people should remember that unlike other types of vacuums, Roomba is a robot type of vacuum. You don’t need to carry it around and lead it; it does its own work without you having to invest any physical energy. So the disadvantage somehow becomes an advantage.

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BISSELL CleanView Upright Vacuum with OnePass, 9595A for Carpets

Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum 9595A

The second cleaner on the list is for CleanView upright vacuum by Bissell. I will start right away by saying the Bissell maybe won’t be my first cup of tea. It’s not that they are bad company, not at all, it’s just that in none robotic vacuum companies I will probably go for Eureka’s upright vacuum at first.

Well, this vacuum does the work especially on the carpeted floors. The suction power of the vacuum is the good among all the vacuums. The turbo suction is just great when you have good amount of dusts on your carpets or so-called annoying spots where it’s hard to get all the dusts and dirt. Another extra positive point I will add to Bissell CleanView is how easy it is to use the cleaner, before and after doing the work.

Although the suction is great, I will jump right back to the point where I said I probably won’t take it as first option. I personally don’t like the color/style of the vacuum. You need to choose one which fits your taste and style just as much as the general need from vacuum. But other people might see it as useless point, and not have any problem with how the vacuum looks. In addition there is the weight problem; this vacuum is little heavier compare to other vacuums.

Another thing is that there isn’t really extra “exciting” stuff. I talked so much about it before in Roomba’s vacuum – how many new and revolutionary features the vacuum has, and also mentioned that vacuums went through a lot over the years. But this vacuum is quite simple, without any big changes compare to other upright vacuums. I can’t differentiate it from other vacuums and it’s too bad.

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum for Hard Floors


Last but not least is the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum. The lightest vacuum, gives it the ability to carry it around freely at ease and not worry to break your back. This lightweight canister is also tiny compare to other products, and gives it another advantage. Storing it anywhere is never a problem because of its comfortable size.

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While the body of the vacuum is tiny, the hose is long enough to reach high surfaces. Some more this cleaner is suitable for all surfaces from hard floors to carpet. The price is very affordable for all people which make it one of the best selling canister vacuums in major online stores.

This vacuum comes with some extra accessories which are nice bonus, but the “blower” option, is the great point here. You can use that vacuum to blow the old leaves that cover your garage road.

On the other hand, I will mention again the issue of how the vacuum looks. Eureka has some great designs for their vacuums, but this isn’t one of it. The yellow and black colors that the vacuum gives it a look of a construction tractor, and isn’t “lovely” as the design of Roomba.

Another issue is once again just like Bissell’s vacuum; there aren’t enough “revolution” aspects to this vacuum. Aside the fact it’s really light weighted and small, the vacuum isn’t really different compare to other canister vacuums in the market. This machine is also one of the best seller vacuums.

Last Words:

In conclusion, if I would have to pick a winner among these vacuums I would probably go for Roomba. Of course it’s all based on what you need, if it’s good vacuum with powerful suction power like CleanView, or some dust and other little stuff collector like Roomba.

But Roomba showed more advantages than disadvantages, which also barely could be found. Roomba is a ‘live’ example of how product can be worth the price it costs. I think it’s one of the only products which I could say I would pay even more money just to have it.

However, if your house is mostly carpeted floors the upright vacuum like Bissell CleanView with OnePass, 9595A should be more suitable for you. The Eureka 3670G is a multi-floor cleaner and it can be a great option for hard floors cleaning.

Have a great and clean day~

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