Top 10 Best Domain Name Generators That Help Name Your Online Business

One of the most important aspects while starting a new business is to set up the business name. While most people inquire mostly about products they want to buy, it is important to have a website too. For this, you need to create a domain name. A domain name, is just as important as your brand name. After all, it is your domain name that people will look for on their browsers to check out your website.

Now the real task is to find and set domain names that are not already taken by existing businesses. You should find a domain name that aligns with your business name. It must not be difficult to pronounce or to spell. A domain name should also be easy to remember and catchy.

Fortunately, there are various domain name generators out there, that can help you find an appropriate domain name for your business. We have compiled a list of top 10 domain name generators where you can find a domain name for your business.


Namesmith is a domain names generator that you can rely on, for finding a domain name for your website. You can enter any 5 keywords that you would want in your domain name. Namesmith offers various different name-suggestion algorithms. You will be provided with various domains with different keywords, prefixes, and suffixes, blends and rhymes.


Oberlo is a domain names generator that offers you with 100 different options to choose from, for your domain name. You only need to provide all the keywords that you believe align with your brand image or with your business concept. Once you hit ‘generate names’, you will come across a huge number of results as potential domain names for your website. All you have to do is select the name that you think is apt, and then just launch your business.


Freshbooks comes with a very interactive tool to help you generate domain names for your business. For setting up your domain name, you will be need to select the appropriate industry in which you operate-whether it is a creative and marketing business or one associated with information technology. After adding these details, you will be allowed to pick keywords that you would want to in your domain name. A list of suggested domain names will then appear, from which you can pick the one you find appropriate for your business.


Shopify is a reliable domain names generator. Shopify is your go-to domain names generator. The good thing about using Shopify to find the ideal domain name for your business is that it only provides you with options that are available. Apart from that, with Shopify, you can also easily launch your store by following a few simple steps. You just have to select a domain name, get the Shopify app and then you can just launch your own store through the app.

Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler lets you build your domain name in 3 different ways. The first way by which you can create a domain name is on the basis of your keyword. Here, your keyword becomes your domain name. The second way is by adding more keywords besides your main keyword that may be included in your domain name. A third way is where you can type in certain keywords and you will find popular keywords to go along with these.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain search allows you to look up domain names based on your chosen keywords in a simplified manner. On searching keywords, you will see a list of suggested domain names appear on this tool. Those options which appear in green and are usually the ones on the top, are the domain names that are available for use.


Naminum is a domain names generator that helps you add suffixes to generate domain names. Naminum is the perfect names generator if you are seeking one-word domain names for your business.

Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business is a comprehensive tool to find domain names for your website. It helps you search appropriate domain names based on your answers to the questions they put forth to you. They will then offer you brand names that would be as long as three or more words.


Domainr is a service that offers you relevant domain names in real-time. With Domainr, you can find domain names with a ‘.com’, ‘.io’ or any other option you want to go for.

Crazy Namer

Crazy Namer lets you find a good domain name by offering random options- ones based on your keyword, one word domain names, those with shuffled letters and so on. You can also check if the domain names are taken yet or not.

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