Tips On Choosing The Right Tools For Your Garden

Walking through the aisle of gardening tools in hardware or home improvement store may be daunted by the sheer variety of equipment and tools to choose from. There are many things to consider. You need to think about what you need. Then, you should be able to know what style or size the best for you is. The cost is also a consideration that needs to be thought about.

A very good way to go through different gardening tools is to find reviews of individual tools like the one posted here.  For this article, we are not going to recommend or mention any brand. We just listed the five most common gardening tools that all types of gardeners use and describe how to make the right choice.

Here are the 5 best tips you need to remember in choosing the five most common tools for gardening.


Considered to be the number one gardening tool to have in your garden, a shovel or a spade is a very versatile instrument to add in your arsenal. It has a rounded edge and a pointed tip which makes it the go-to instrument for digging. However, it is also useful for other kinds of work including cutting through sod or mixing up soil and your fertilizers.

When looking for a shovel, consider your own height. A good shovel should have a handle length that is convenient for your height. In order for you to comfortably step on it when digging, look for a shovel with a flat ledge. For quality, always buy a thick stainless-steel shovel to avoid bend or rust.


Many people think trowels and shovels are the same since they look so similar to each other. But this is not true. While both equipments is created for digging, trowels are ideal for planting smaller plants while shovels are for heavy-duty work like transplanting a whole bush or digging compost peat.

When looking for a trowel, the strength is a very important consideration. Another thing to think about is the comfort of the handle. Make sure to shop for trowels that are easy to handle and has a very comfortable built. If you want to be a bit fancy, you may check out ergonomic handles.


Pruners are like scissors; they are designed for cutting. There are two types of pruners. The first one bypass. The other is the anvil. Between the two, Bypass pruners tend to be what most gardeners prefer since it has a top curved blade that makes it possible to get a cleaner and more complete cut.

You will be intimately using your pruners. A wrong choice may injure you. Therefore, put comfort your top priority. Look for the design that is loose and has padded or rounded handles. When no in used, pruners should lock shut so look for something that locks.


A weeder can be used to slice through roots of weeds and grasses while at the same time aerating the soil. A very excellent weeder should be easy to use and will not cause any fatigue on your hand and wrist. The Cape Cod Weeder is the most popular type of weeder and is often considered the gold standard for selection of weeder.

Watering Can

There are still many people who question the importance of a good watering can. Many think that since garden hose is ubiquitous. However, watering cans are still very essential. A heavy hose is inconvenient. A watering can is a mobile water barrels which will allow you to tend your garden without any difficulty. When buy a watering can, it is important to consider the volume.

It should be large enough so it contains water that is enough for your needs. A big watering can will allow you less time running back to the faucet. Also, here are two materials used for watering cans: galvanized metal and plastic. Galvanized metal type of watering cans are more durable and will last longer. On the other hand, a plastic watering can is more durable. It is also not a good conductor of heat so the water does not warms up under direct sunlight. Lastly, when looking for a watering can, consider removable sprinkler head. If you prefer a garden sprayer rather than a watering can check out this list for reference.

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