The Key Benefits of Living in Off Campus Housing

When you are a high school senior, the year seems to fly by at lightning speed. There are football and basketball games to go to with friends, your senior prom, and noticeably harder classes to take. For many, it’s also time to decide what college you might like to attend. It’s good to visit a couple of your favorite schools, so you can take in the environment and see how the university feels to you. You will spend hours on the applications for each college, and your college essay will be incredibly challenging too.

Finally, after waiting for what might seem like forever, the good news comes in the form of your college acceptance letter. It is a moment for celebration and a special milestone in your life. While it finally feels like you can relax now, you’ll find that there’s still lots more to do and more important decisions to make. One of the key things that you will have to decide is where you will live while attending university. For many students, off-campus housing is a far better choice than living in the dorms and offers a host of benefits.

You Have Your Own Room and Personal Space

If you choose to live near campus in a quality off-campus housing complex, you will have your own bedroom. In the dorms, by contrast, you would have to share your sleeping area and would never have any personal space to call your own.

Having a quiet place to retreat to, when you need it, is critical during your college years. When you need to study, you can just go into your own room and close the door. Sleeping in your own space is much nicer, too, since you do not have to listen to your roommates tossing and turning and snoring all night.

You Will Get a Private Bathroom Too

There is nothing worse than having to slog through cold, dark hallways in a dorm on your way to the communal bathroom. It’s a drag when you don’t have any privacy, especially when there is a wait. You do not even know if there will be a shower stall free so you can rinse off and wash up.

With off-campus housing, you will enjoy the convenience of having your own private bathroom in addition to having your own bedroom. There will never be a wait, and you won’t have to walk those dark, cold halls.

Washer and Dryer in Every Apartment

Trying to keep up with your dirty laundry in the dorm can be quite a challenge. After an intense week of studying, writing papers, and taking tests, the last thing you want to have to do is drag your clothes to the laundry room. It’s always crowded and takes way too much of your valuable time.

Laundry is a breeze when you live in your off-campus apartment. There is a washer and dryer in each unit, so all you need to do is walk a few steps into the next room, pop the clothes in, and add soap. No more long repeated trips just to see if washing and drying are done.

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