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The Cost Of Hiring Chiropractic Care

As you painfully venture out of bed with a terrible case of neck pain, we are more than certain that you have become desperate for a solution to alleviate your pain. Having said that, we’re delighted to inform you that you have arrived at the right place. The only way to get properly treated is to make the trip to your local chiropractors office right away. Enough of home made remedies or just praying the pain away, you need to take affirmative action. Nonetheless, we are aware that everything has a price, including the right set of care. Stay tuned for the following information providing you with the types of prices for chiropractic care.

The average range: Chiropractic care is noted to be an alternative and rehabilitative form of medicine and for that reason, prices tend to fluctuate. However, most initial first time assessments can be free. This is a very good thing, as it is key to diagnose what type of pain you feel, and where it derives from. After the assessment, the doctor would recommend you begin your specific treatment. On average, it ranges from $30 to $200 depending on what you need. Usually, the median stays at $65 dollars.

Insurance: Being an insurance holder can definitely alleviate your costs, especially if the care you need is lengthy and is in need of various techniques. The first step to take is to know if your health insurance carrier is an Healthcare Management Organization (HMO), or a  Preferred Provider Option (PPO). Knowing which of these you have is important because HMO’s will cover chiropractors that are on their approved list. PPO’s on the other hand, tend to cover up to 80 percent of consultation fees, even when those doctors aren’t on their list. For that reason, cost may vary, and you’ll have to make sure you choose a balance of affordability with competence.

Types of treatment and their costs:

  • To avoid back pain, the main goal is to avoid surgery. Practitioners tend to choose the spine manipulation technique, with the hope of steadily reducing the pain. The cost on average with this type of treatment is $57.
  • When our muscles become tense, a good technique that chiropractors may opt for is the muscle energy technique (MET). Practitioners use gentle isometric vibrations to reduce tension in the affected area. Price ranges for this care on average can go from $35 to $54.
  • The Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, or better known as the PNF stretching, allows the patient to regain range of mobility and muscle elasticity. This is a good treatment for older folk, but also athletes. The cost is a bit more elevated due to length of treatment, deducing a cost from $60 to $90 per session.
  • A Myofascial release reduces pain in contracted muscles, as well improves the mobility of the skeletal muscles. By applying pressure with a message style form on the area, patients feel a positive change almost immediately. On average, sessions last for 90 minutes, costing approximately $180.
  • Perhaps one of the most expensive treatments, yet most cost effective, is the spinal decompression. Working as a motorized traction, this practice stretches the area relieving compressed nerves in the spinal cord. A complete therapy of this nature totals up to $5,000.

Now, you can understand how much does a chiropractor cost. You are aware that you’re not alone in your battle against your pain, you can get up from that couch or bed and start finding the best care that fits your budget and preference. Check with your insurance provider on what are your best options, and don’t be afraid to invest in something that is going to improve your quality of life.

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