Six Ways to Make Laundry Easy

Washing is one of the most dreaded tasks, as it usually takes a long time. Here are six strategies to speed up the process with the help of San Diego Laundromat

Today’s hectic lifestyle requires us to optimize the time we dedicate to housework. Work, family, friends, and social life take up most of the agenda, so it is increasingly essential to simplify housework as much as possible to dedicate more time to loved ones and life projects.

If you have a large family and the children are small, laundry is one of the tasks that take us the most time, so we suggest six ideas that will facilitate and shorten the time spent doing laundry.

Make a schedule

Schedule laundry loads by type. For example, wash the sheets on Monday so you can renew the rooms at the beginning of the week. Then make the towels on Tuesday, the dark clothes on Wednesday, and so on. This system works well to allow you to finish your laundry before the weekend. Laundry San Diego washing machine guarantees more time savings and more washing performance. Its speed and quick ​​function complete a normal wash in less than an hour without compromising the final result. 

Multitasking laundry

We generally wash while doing other housework or watching television. Take 5 minutes to sort your clothes by color and fabric. Plan for 25 to 35 minutes per wash load, and each tumble dryer 30-50 minutes per load. You mustn’t overload. A normal front-loading washing machine has a 24-kilo capacity, the largest in its class, which allows you to wash sheets and duvets without hassle. While the top load of the same line allows you to wash small loads of 3.5 kilos if your family does not have many members.

Divide and conquer 

Sorting clothes by color and fabric can be a tedious and time-consuming task. If possible, each member of the family (or bedroom) should have a divided basket, in which they put the clothes by color that way, when you get to the laundry, the work is already done for you. Did you forget a garment and have you already started the washing machine? If you’re choosing laundry services they have the best laundromat in San Diego has a small door through which you can add garments while the equipment is running.

Folding express

When you wash loads for days, instead of spending a single day doing laundry, the loads are smaller, so folding is easier. Experts recommend that it is best to fold or hang right out of the dryer, as clothes wrinkle less and you should not waste time ironing. And since you don’t do everything in one day, then your life is not doubling. Laundry San Diego dryer features a second compartment that allows you to dry two loads of laundry at the same time. The main dryer can dry normal city clothes, while the small one handles delicate items like underwear. Each compartment handles custom temperatures that go up to 35 degrees Celsius.

Invest in peace of mind

80% of the washing work falls on the equipment we have at home, so we advise you to trust those that guarantee greater efficiency, energy savings, and unbeatable results. Forget about being aware of whether the washing machine is already going to rinse to add the softener, or if your dryer has stopped and your clothes are damp. San Diego Laundromat takes that worry off your mind. 

Save energy and money 

Doing laundry at home can take your whole day whereas choosing the laundromat services in San Diego not only save your energy but also helps you in saving money too. Laundry services in San Diego these days are very pocket-friendly and some laundromat companies also offer pick and drop services in the city. Some top laundromat companies like  also deliver your laundry to a safe, designated area of your home or office, without you needing to be there. So, next time schedule your laundry with reliable laundromats for hassle-free laundry services and use that extra time to hangout with friends and loved ones. Enjoy beautiful San Diego sunshine and spend time learning new skills! They will bring it back nicely folded.


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