Secure Products With Magnetic Closure Boxes

Many industries commonly use custom boxes. The boxes come in a huge variety of packaging. Similarly, the Magnetic Closure Boxes are there. We will discuss some details about these boxes.

What do you know about magnetic closure Boxes?

If you are looking for premium packaging, then go for such boxes. These boxes are completely different and elegant from the simple cardboard boxes. The companies that usually send products for promotions get them. Or sometimes, people use them as gift boxes.

Box makers generally design the boxes in rectangular or square shapes. They attach a magnet to the folding lid of the box. You won’t find a separate lid for the box. The lid is attached to it. Then they keep the magnet hidden inside the lid. You would hear a little sound of the magnet closing the box. Moreover, the hidden magnets are amazing as you won’t have to see a hollow space for the magnet. Rather the magnetic perfectly fits into the lid. Hence box gets a finishing even look.

You might see so many variations in the designs and styles. Furthermore, the sizes you get are abundant. They match your demand. Decent and elegant-looking boxes are a trending demand nowadays. People are always looking forward to this type of packaging. Brands use it for securing the product through packing. Also, it makes the product appear presentable. You would have a wonderful experience of having a luxury box. If you worry that the boxes are expensive, you are unaware of their printing. Whether you buy a simple or a luxurious one, the prices are always under your budget.

Features Of The Boxes

The features of custom magnetic boxes will amaze you. Surprisingly the different style of the boxes is the key to which people tend to choose them. Let’s go through their features.


The box makers use hard raw materials for the boxes. A rigid box is necessary as it should hold the products securely and safely. If products get damaged inside the box, it isn’t worth investing. Therefore, they generally select thick cardboard or corrugated sheets. They choose the material that they can print on.


Magnet is the real game of these boxes. Every size of the box requires a different shape and size of the magnet. Next, the magnet should be powerful to retain its magnetism for a long. If the magnet they use loses its magnetism, the box is useless. Thus, the magnet is the key for the box. With a weak or less powerful magnet, the box loses its efficiency in securing the products. Hence, they need to select the best quality magnets while manufacturing them. It shouldn’t lose the magnetism even if the box is kept open for a long period.


They place foam-like packaging in the boxes. It helps to divide the box into various compartments. The compartments then help them to place different products in it easily. One more thing they look after is the size of the compartments. A product should fit in completely. Even if the product size is small, the product shouldn’t get loose packaging. Loose packaging can sometimes cause product damage.


Just like the interior, the exterior needs good design. For this, box makers hire designers. The designers then design the boxes with their creative ideas. Sometimes they print the logos and use great templates to enhance their appearance. They use distinctive techniques to produce so many different designs. For example, some clients require polished surfaces for the boxes; some require a good matt look, etc. Therefore the designs they choose reflect what their clients demand from them.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Silver foil

The exterior even includes the lid design. Most box makers use metallic lids to design them. It depends upon customers’ demands and what kind of customization they require. Metals are perfect for the lids. Then, it even provides a good firmness to the box.

Why Are These Boxes Greatly Used?

What would you expect from a custom box? The answer is simple. You would rather assume the box has an attachable or separate lid. Somehow people get frustrated to open boxes. However, if we consider the custom magnetic boxes, then these are amazing. You don’t have to worry about closing or opening the lid. A single flip would open the box. With a single tap, you can close its lid. That’s the convenience everyone wants while opening or closing the lid.

Many companies purposely use boxes to promote and advertise their business. Companies can send their products to other companies as gifts or promotional stuff. When companies pack their products in this presentable form, it adds value to the product. Usually, people judge any product through its packaging. Hence highly customized packaging would easily appeal to its audience. It secures the products from accidental falls or any damage. Most of the time, you would see fragile items in it. Hence, packaging offers a great sense of security and protection to the items.

The rigidness and sturdiness of the boxes make them firm. In Australia, the best custom box makers are Claws Custom Boxes. Also, you would love to see the variety in the collection of designs they have.


Packaging is a key that secures the products. In addition, magnetic closure boxes always help make your products look presentable and elegant. So if you want to make your product look superior, hire custom box makers.


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