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Sagging Of Skin – Myths And Preventional Tips

Our skin loses its strength and elasticity as we get older. Some people show early symptoms of old age because of their way of life. Years ago, people had to undergo surgery to deal with such problems. Fortunately, facial procedures such as a facelift can be performed non-surgically with modern technology today and successful treatment methods. Here’s an informative post about facelift procedures that will help you understand the effectiveness of such treatments.

Singapore is home to various procedures and treatments to reduce the symptoms of ageing, which are either a non-invasive or non surgical face lift. The younger look without the need to go under the knife is now allowed by several noninvasive facelift treatments in Singapore. Most people will prefer treatments that do not require surgery because they can operate easily and have little to no downtime.

Before anything else, let’s debug some of the most common myths about the factors that cause the skin to sag.

Facial Exercises Reduces Sagging of Skin: True

Facial exercises increase the size of facial muscles, thereby potentially eliminating some of the saggy skin. But even though some exercises can help alleviate some saggy skin issues, crow’s feet will probably worsen. You may get better results from Botox if you do not want any assistance from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

You can research online about some easy facial exercises that’ll help tighten your facial skin. These exercises can easily be done at home or even when you’re too busy with work or taking care of your children. That is if you have taught yourself to get used to doing such facial exercises on a regular basis.

Weight loss Sags The Skin: True.

When you gain weight, your skin extends to your additional padding, much like everywhere else. But you may find that you’re sporting in eye bags and a slack jaw if you’ve finally lost it. When we age, and our skin loses elasticity, it does not bounce like it did when you were young when it is stretched out.

Sudden weight loss may be the top reason why this myth is true. When one loses weight in a short time, the skin might be in shock and may require some time before it fully bounces back to its normal form. People tend to seek professional help to take care of their saggy skin from sudden weight loss. Take note that most treatments for this require surgical procedures.

Jogging/Running Sags The Skin: Not True

Sagging skin is due to two causes of age: the loss of facial fat and the loss of collagen. As your whole body is bumping as you sprint, it is extremely improbable that you would jostle enough to destroy collagen. One thing confuses people with this myth is the long hours of outdoor exercise which results in more UV exposure that breaks down collagen over time. Before going outside, you can slat up with plenty of sunscreens.

Now that we’ve explained why this myth is wrong, you better start putting on your running gear! Enjoy a nice, cool run while the sun is not out yet. Besides, cardio exercises help to improve one’s appearance, starting from the skin.

Sleeping on Your Stomach Sags The Skin: Not True

Your sleep position won’t cause deterioration, but it can lead to sleep wrinkles: you see these plugs and fine lines in your mirror. It is due to your pillow tugging your facial skin delicately as you sleep. When you are younger, it’s not a concern because the new, elastic skin quickly bounces back, but as you get old, the skin becomes less durable. Experts claim that you can better prevent this by lying on your back.

But you should try the night pillow if you’re a hard die tummy sleeper or a flip flop during the night. Thanks to its gentle cotton, this specially designed pillow minimizes wrinkles when you sleep.

How to Prevent Skin From Sagging?

There’s so much to do to prevent saggy skin. But with such a busy schedule, you might not have the time to research what are the best techniques. Well, you’re lucky as we got you covered! Here are some of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent skin from sagging:

  • Exercise
  • Avoid or stop smoking cigarettes.
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Add antioxidants and healthy fats in your diet.
  • Stop messy skin gestures such as chewing gum and making exaggerated funny faces.
  • Sleep on your back
  • Apply a high-quality cream of retinoids, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
  • 8 hours of sleep is a must
  • As much as possible, reduce your stress levels.
  • Drink plenty of water to moisturize the skin and toxins
  • Sunscreen should be applied regularly.

Facial Exercise to Improve Sagging Skin

Besides surgical procedures and other medical procedures, you should incorporate facial exercises to your skin treatment regimen so that the jawline is firm and reduces the appearance of sagging skin. Here are some of the facial exercises you can try:

  • Practice chewing with your head tilted up. But be careful as you chew.
  • Lie flat down on the floor or bed then pull your chin down towards your neck
  • Smile then move your head up and down
  • Hum while the tongue is pressed against the roof of your mouth
  • Puck out your lips as you lie down then pull the mouth downwards with your fingertips.

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