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Local property owners face difficulty to sell their homes. If you are one of them, your worries are over. Columbia House Solutions company assists you to sell your property within the best-suited frame. If a person tries to sell my house Columbia today and wants to get money within a week, there are not many suitable options.

We at Home Renewal LLC are making fair cash deals to sell your property. Our working procedures are entirely different from traditional real estate agencies.

How HOME Renewal LLC is Different?

Home Renewal LLC is a house selling platform working in Columbia, South Carolina. We have been running a local property buyer company for years. Being local, we have to consider various things to keep-up our business pride in the area. Our company would declare defaulter if we would not provide better house buying services.

To sell my house Columbia, approach Home Renewal LLC. We provide top-notch house selling services with simple procedures. Our process includes three steps: Approach us, Done the deal, and Take your money.

Sell My House Colombia – What Can I Sell?

We buy a vast variety of houses. Let us make it clear that our foremost priority is to serve you not to loot you. As we do not charge any fee and demand commission, we prefer to find the perfect buyer for you. Moreover, you just deal with Home Renewal LLC. There will be no connection between and interaction between seller and buyer.

We buy if you are moving

People move from one place to another because of their business and job. If you are one of them and willing to sell your house, we will provide speedy house buying services. Regardless of house volume, we will sell it. Approaching the right property seller platform is difficult. That’s why we suggest you contact us. We will not only buy your place but we will also present you with the various options that you can consider to buy a new house.

Buying a new house can be difficult. Our experts will provide you a free consultation on how to choose the best-suited house for yourself.

We buy lien properties

If you took loan or valuable items from the authority by describing your house as an asset, you are bound to pay monthly installments. There can be some situations when you cannot pay your installment on time. There are chances that your house will be captured by the authorities. You can override such a situation by selling your house.

For lien properties, we have a complete legal process in our hands and this process is neither lengthy nor difficult. When you contact us to sell your home, we buy it and make it easy to pay you the remaining installments as a lump sum.

We buy abandoned houses

If someone is willing to sell my house Columbia, the process seems difficult and lengthy with real estate agencies. Selling abandoned places is not an easy process. Before selling your place thru a real estate agent, you have to clean up your house. It seems nasty and can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Our house selling platform does not force you to clear your house and make it clean and attractive. We will buy your house in the same condition as it is before contacting us.

Sell to avoid foreclosure

Everyone takes the loan to start his/her own business or for other things. When the mortgagor fails to pay the decided installment with interest, the bank or authority has the right to possess the mortgaged house. Selling your house in such a condition seems impossible. Believe us, no real estate agent will help you in such circumstances.

Our house buying Columbia facility has links to higher authorities and we settle down the matter within hours. You can sell your foreclosure property to Home Renewal LLC with no obligation. In addition, you will receive the money within a week and you can pay money to higher authorities.

Sell to overcome probate issues

If you are living in a house previously owned by a blood-relation persona and now he is no more, it can be difficult to sell such property. Our legal advisors have solutions to such problems. Overcoming your probate issue is easier with us. In such a condition, you can sell your house and get money within 10 working days.

Sell houses that need repair

People do not pay attention to home renovation. It causes house deterioration and selling such a house becomes difficult gradually. To sell such a house via an estate agent, you have to renovate your house firstly. Our house selling platform does not focus on house conditions. There is no need to repair your house before selling it. We will buy it in its natural condition and do not force you to spend additional money on the house.

In short, regardless of any house-related condition you are facing, we will buy it. At least consider us. You will not feel guilty. On the other hand, you will get cash or a cheque within 7-10 business days. There will be no hidden charges and commissions.

Join Us Today

The Internet is the best way to know information about anything. You can explore the best house buyers’ firm in Columbia SC, and you will find our website on Google’s first position. Visit our official website to know more about us and you can even contact us at (803) 602-3580. We deal in properties differently but efficiently.

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