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Proportion, Scale & Color: The Similarities between Web Design and Art

It is perhaps incredibly important to begin this article by stating that Web Design and Art are two completely different things. However, they do share a number of similarities which is why so many continue to mistake the two as being the same a lot of the time.

In order to distinguish the difference, it is perhaps best to state that Web Design is defined by being a form of Graphic Design, which is not the same as what can be classified as art. In fact, when thinking about art, many will immediately think of the things that are perhaps a little closer to the online artworks for sale that can be found on the Eden Gallery website; paintings, sculptures, etc.

As mentioned, there are a number of similarities that can be found between Web Design and Art, though. Indeed, these similarities might be a little harder for some to be able to identify than others, however, it all comes down to the principles that are involved in creating what is known as a successful composition.

What Are The Primary Principles?

There are a number of principles that can be considered to be common to both Web Design and Art. Some of these are actually rather obvious to spot, although there are some that can be a little more difficult to see.

One of the biggest similarities that can be found between the two is the fact that both are constrained by the target resolutions of the devices that they are required to target, i.e. the web pages that they are trying to build and design. Artists essentially suffer from the same restrictions as they are restricted by the dimensions of the surface that they decide to use, with paper, canvas and other materials that can be used coming in a certain size.

Both will need to be able to utilize the space that they have in an effective manner and will need to ensure that they are able to master the skill as effectively as possible if they want to create a piece of work that can be deemed a success.


With Web Designers and Artists required to incorporate a number of different elements into each of the works that they create, they will need to ensure that they use the right proportion with each of these elements to produce the best piece of work possible.

When thinking of artists, they may use proportion to try and work out the right measurements that they need to use in order to get the composition right or to try and define the relationships that are found between the height, weight and depth of different elements within a piece.

Further proportional elements within art can be the relationship of each of the different sized parts in a piece of artwork and how they interact with each other. This is where Web Designers come in, as they will continually be looking at how things work together in order to produce the best possible piece that they can.


Scale is another element that can be considered to be a similarity between both Art and Web Design. Both will use the scale as either a relative level or as a degree as they define the term as being the largest and smallest elements of a piece of art or webpage. Both will normally look to determine these before they create the work, as well.

They do this as they feel that once the largest and smallest elements of a piece that are being worked on have been defined, then they will be able to set the level of scale for each new element that is being added better and more accurately. This is because any new element that is added does not have any scale until it can be compared to another element that already exists.

It should be noted that scale is not just about size for both Art and Web Design, with it also describing the color being used, whilst also allowing elements to be contrasted to create new variations and contrasts.


One of the biggest similarities that Art and Web Design share is color, although many may overlook it. Color can be considered everything when it comes down to creating a piece, as it is what helps to bring a piece to life and make it more appealing than when a traditional blank, black background is utilized.

There are differences between Art & Web Design

Let’s not forget, there are a number of differences between the two, as well. For example, artists will create their works in the way that they want them to be viewed as being their objective. As work created by artists can be subjective, if it were to change or be altered depending on where it was being looked at, a whole new perception may be created which goes against the very nature and intention that the artist would have had when initially creating the piece.

However, those that work in Web Design will already know that the final product that they come up with may need to be seen across a variety of different devices such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers, therefore meaning it will need to be suitable for each one.


It is clear that there are differences between Art and Web Design, however, it is also clear that there are a number of similarities between the two, as well, which will not help to end the continued raging debates that are had between those working in the two industries.

It could be argued that Web Designers need to have an artistic approach to their work as they need to ensure that they get the proportions, scale and colors right, although it could also be argued that they need to have a different viewpoint compared to artists as they need to create designs that are versatile and can fit a range of different devices, rather than the one that the artist sets out to achieve when creating their own piece of artwork.

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