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A Powerful Marketing Tool For Personal And Business Branding

Wikipedia is one of the best marketing tools used by a business. It will be way too easy to say that it is because Wikipedia is a source of complete and authentic information, but it is because a Wikipedia link land up on the list of top five results on Google search page.

Having a Wikipedia page for your business will not just help lift your brand to be on the top of google search,but it will also help in increasing the rank of your business’s official website once linked to your Wikipedia page.

When it comes to marketing, Wikipedia makes it a piece of cake for marketers. It is not social media, neither is it a directory nor is it a news website. It has its unique writing style,and anyone can contribute to its content. This is one of the reasons it is overlooked by many business people. However, it can be one of the most powerful marketing tools if used correctly.

What is Wikipedia?

The simplest answer to this is a free encyclopedia. It does not hire Wikipedia writing service or content writers to write the content but encourages people volunteering to share knowledge about a subject. It won’t be wrong to say that is an open source website that if used correctly can be an effective marketing strategy for personal or business branding.

What benefits does Wikipedia offer?

Wikipedia is one of the top ten most visited sites according to Alexa. It can be said that having an article about your company or services on Wikipedia can get an automatic SEO boost on Google, which is free of cost. Wikipedia offers the following benefits

  • It is easy to create a business page on Wikipedia.
  • By having a Wikipedia page about your business, you are able to make the brand identity of your business.
  • It adds credibility to your business
  • You will acknowledge a positive increase in your sales
  • It enhances your visibility on search engines.

Importance Of Following The Wikipedia Guidelines

Wikipedia indeed provides many benefits to a business, but it is necessary to keep in mind the strict guidelines of Wikipedia. Otherwise, your post is most likely to be deleted or flagged as it does not allow promotional or biased content on the website.

If you are deciding to include Wikipedia in your marketing strategy, you can either hire Wikipedia writing service to write an article for your business or if you are writing it yourself, it is important to take your time and do it right for the first time.

Here is a quick guide for writing an article for Wikipedia.

Who Qualifies For A Wikipedia Page?

In order to have a Wikipedia page, you must be notable according to the websites strict notability guidelines. There are three basic criteria’s to meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines—significant coverage, reliable sources, and independent of the subject. If you have the sources that meet the notable guidelines, you qualify for a Wikipedia page.

However, you must keep in mind all the other additional guidelines for writing a Wikipedia article—including conflict of interest, neutral point of view and civility. Having these in minds you can always look forward to writing your Wikipedia page.

Guidelines To Create A Wikipedia Page

  1. Make sure that you have sufficient sources for citation on Wikipedia. Having blogs or articles on renowned blogs or new about your company can help in making your article more authentic.
  2. Create an account on Wikipedia. Make sure that your user name is not in the name of your company or does not give any backlinks that lead to your company website, this way; your account can get deleted or blocked.
  3. Search for external links for citation on your article to make it more authentic. It is an excellent idea to have articles on trade magazines and newspaper which confirms that your business is renowned
  4. Once you have all the external resources and articles, all you need are writing skills to produce a perfect, unbiased and general content about your company to get it posted on Wikipedia.

Monitoring Is Necessary

Wikipedia being a free encyclopedia is open for anyone to edit the information. Once you have posted your article on Wikipedia, it is necessary that you keep a close eye on the possible changes —be it positive or negative— that can happen in the article without your consent.

As said above, your page is open for edits and can be edited even by your competitors. It can add negative or biased comments about your business creating a negative impact on its success.

Summing It Up

If you have not included Wikipedia in your marketing strategy, it is high time that you benefit your business with Wikipedia. However, before you move on to writing the article for Wikipedia, make sure to familiarize yourself with the detailed guidelines of having a Wikipedia page.

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