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Places That Are Unforgettable For Tourists In Sharjah

If you want to visit Sharjah which is the 3rd most visited city of United Arab Emirates. Some beautiful places are waiting for you let’s figure it out. Sharjah offers you a rental car through the link Rent A Car Sharjah to see all these places in less period.

Al Hisn Fort

This fort is important for Sharjah because it is about two hundred years old. Not exactly 200 years but two hundred years are nearing completion. Built in 1823, this fort was a magnificent fort at the time, this fort led as a government headquarters and central home to the Al-Qasimi family.

After visiting here you will gain an amazing experience, because of the beauty of this fort at its peak. Here you will see the defensive system of old Arabs.

Sharjah Heritage Museum

This museum is the best choice for you if you want to explore the past life of Arabs. In this museum, you will see the different cultures of Arab people from a few decades back. You can also take your children on a tour of the place if you wish because there is a child-friendly environment.

Al Majaz Waterfront

Al Majaz is a busy place in Sharjah for business where you can also find a suitable apartment for living. Al Majaz waterfront is the famous waterfront in Sharjah where a lot of tourists and local people visit for enjoying the best view of the water.

This is also a good idea if you want to visit this place with family and children. There are beautiful places for children that is why your children would not be boring after visiting here. This waterfront offers a wonderful and attractive view, especially at night time. As the water goes up and down with a series of beautiful different color lights. You will be enjoying it after visiting the Al Majaz waterfront.

Arabia’s Wildlife Center

Visit this place in case when you love wildlife because here you will observe more than 100 species. In this center, you will see the Arabian reptile, insect houses and fish, and different kinds of Arabian snakes.

Apart from this, there are also present different species of birds like Weaver bird, Partridges bird, and many more.

In the outdoor view, you will see the baboons, wolves, Oryx, leopard, and cheetahs, etc. If you are excited about all these species visit Arabia’s wildlife center. Rent A Car Sharjah if you are far from this place as there is also an option for a one-day rental car.

Sharjah Art Museum

This is the museum for those people who love Art because this museum is the home of Art, painting, and creativity. After visiting here you will just see the attractive art working by different Artists.

In addition, various programs and workshops are held in the museum, visitors are always welcome to participate.

Al Qasba

Al Qasba is only 20 minutes far away from Sharjah International Airport. This is an attractive place in Sharjah where different events and programs have been done throughout the year and different countries tourists and local people take part and enjoying these events. Al Qasba also contains a waterfront which added more beauty to the attraction of Al Qasba.

In Al Qasba, you will enjoy more attractive places.

  • Maraya art center, where you will see all the latest art.
  • Restaurants, there are multiple dining places present in Al Qasba.
  • Boat tours, this tour will give you joy especially at night time. At night the view of the Al Qasba community is crazy. The night service is available till midnight.
  • Kid’s Fun area is a unique and iconic fun area design for kids. Where kids will complete different obstacles and missions.
  • Water karts, this is the electric kart which contains crazy speed, with more safety.
  • Byky go kart, this is the children’s kart where children can safely drive a four-wheeler ride.

Sharjah Aquarium

Here at Sharjah Aquarium you will see and enjoy the hidden world of the deep sea. Here you will also observe different species present inside marine.

If you are on the tour of Sharjah don’t miss the above places and Rent A Car Sharjah.

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