The Pitfalls of Customer Support Outsourcing!

Call centers have always been a growing industry, although sometime before, it faced some challenges, however, today has surpassed the same with well-defined offerings. Today the business world faces numerous competencies and to face every challenge with delivering enriching results is not easy for all. Thinking to outsource business service, a company feels excited over the perks it will receive, however, knowing both pros and cons is necessary to avoid mishaps.

After understanding the main role of getting an external partner for the business, owners get to know the ways to move forward with an effective strategy for outsourcing efficiently. As technology has enhanced today, outsourcing has cordially shifted to an improved perspective. Today much drawbacks have an alternative, which comes as an added advantage for businesses, however, many things cannot be avoided.

With thousands of perks that outsourcing offers, there are some potential pitfalls too that it has to accept. Companies looking forward to outsourcing their business service needs to look at the pitfalls to avoid landing in risky situations. Look as we have collected the major risks that outsourcing can bring to your business service:

Diminishing control

Customer support outsourcing results in a loss of business control. We have often heard this! Companies feel that after outsourcing, they face diminished control over their own business. It comes as a drawback because no company wants to lose control over their own core functions.

This highlights the importance of hiring an outsourcing firm that is clear with the communication methods. Moreover, to avoid the challenge of diminishing control, it is essential for the call center outsourcing companies to assure their partners that loss of control is not an issue with them. Additionally, effective laws to save data would help businesses rejuvenate with partners.

Security threats

Suppose you outsourced your business service to a partner that has started outsourcing recently, how will you judge their credibility? Well, security concerns are a major drawback of the outsourcing company and have to be looked seriously. Any major issue with a security breach can cost a company very high and that is why it is essential to keep a check.

Customer support outsourcing requires the sharing of business data where a threat to data is high, as businesses have to share confidential reports with partners. There are various instances where data breach issues have landed a business in major problems and therefore, a check while outsourcing is necessary.

Extra costs

Outsourcing is a cost-effective method and there is no extra cost required. Have you heard this before too? Well, it is true that outsourcing is a cost-savvy option for businesses and companies outsource their services with a motive to save business expense.

However, some hidden costs that many times occur have become a drawback for outsourcing firms. Companies today feel that outsourcing provides cost effectiveness at the initial stage, however, becomes expensive later. To avoid such concerns, outsourcing companies need to make sure to discuss prior regarding all costs required, so that there is no issue in bringing business service into practice later.

They cannot solve all queries!

Outsourcing customer support, businesses feel they are free from all customer support tasks, but it is not true always. Outsourcing lags when the company is not able to solve customer issue and when it avoids FCR (First Call Resolution).

After outsourcing a business service, there are possibilities that the partner may not have understood the business functions well which can lead to issues in handling customers efficiently. This is where outsourcing companies are at risk.

Looking at such circumstances companies may feel in-house service is much better and therefore, it is better to spend over building one’s own infrastructure and avoid outsourcing. To avoid such issues, outsourcing companies need to coordinate with their partners and perform business functions as this saves the concern of not giving adequate results to the customers.

Language and accent issues

At times outsourcing your international client service, accent-triggered issues can be a problem. It happens that the outsourcing company’s agent may have a good understanding of the English language, but speaking in the same accent as western customers become a problem.

Further, when customers hear an outsourced agent at service, they get disheartened as they feel an outsourcer cannot get the correct answer to their queries.

Diminishing business focus

Customer support outsourcing diminishes business focus! Yes, it’s true as outsourcing a business function, companies generally reduce their focus on that particular service and feel it is totally the work of the partner. However, outsourcing is not the end of responsibility.

It is equally important to coordinate with the partner and focus on tasks performed on a regular basis. An eye on the business service is essential so that diminishing focus does become a tragedy later.

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