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When and How Long Should the Band Play Live Music on My Wedding?

So, you are all ready to prepare the plans for your wedding day? But getting confused live Wedding bands would be good or not, right? Here, we are to clear your confusion and provide you with full information about those bands.

These bands have really become so trendy and necessary for wedding nights for the purpose of enjoyment and some extra live entertainment.

However, such bands have their own ways to entertain your guests with the given time of period. Also, you can extend the time for music, if you really enjoy their appearance, but for this, you need to pay them extra in the end.

So, if you are confusing about how long do these bands will perform live on your wedding day, then here we showing some points related to these live music bands.

Thus, when you are ready to book a good band for your wedding reception, but you don’t have enough idea of how long that particular live band will play for in line to serve out an order of occasions for the evening and day.

Therefore, most music live bands work to an earlier accepted playing time, however, different artists will have their own type of standard arrangements.

Most of the professional live performers will be staying flexible enough as to how they will manage to entertain the audience, given your demands are fair and done in advance of the wedding day.

Wedding bands Ireland

Two Hours Of Live Music Band

The typical play time for a wedding band Ireland is a maximum of two hours of continuous live music among a period of three or four- hour.

Furthermore, the musicians will break this two-hour performance time into a form of sets with frequent breaks in between. Also, they will arrange the performance according to your requirements and demands.

Some of the music bands will also offer you three sets of total 40-minute of live music, but as well as two sets of 1-hour or four sets of 30-minutes are also somewhat very common nowadays.

According to our own recommendation, two hour of live music play is enough for a wedding reception. Normally, bands offer a maximum of two-hours non-stop playing and performance to entertain the guests and make the event more fantastic.

Flexibility In The Performance Are Necessary

Many performers will provide you with the great flexibility in their performance. For example, they will full fill your immediate requirements of playing that specific song, or sometimes. They can also agree to extend their actual time. However, it all depends on the band’s nature and performers attitude.

Well, the main part is that if really want some live music wedding bands throughout the moment of your wedding. For example, during the moment of the cutting-cake ceremony, or even though. Afternoon drinks reception, in that cases, you may get a different setup which suited the moment perfectly.

If you have a band to play at your wedding function. Then they will most likely still offer to give two hours of live performance. This may combine a set of requirements of your guests, specific selective songs. And then, later on, the last set to end up the moment at the time of drinks reception.

Fee Will Be Still The Same

If you are planning to have a wedding band in your wedding for a short time of period like half an hour to almost 1 hour, not more than that, you still need to pay them the full required amount.

The payment structure would not be reduced just due to the short time of performance, NO.

So, basically before booking the band to your wedding, you need to measure out the exact time of their performance. It will be better for you to get the agreement ready on the exact timing schedules.

What Would Be The Exact Duration Of Playing?

The exact duration would be difficult to tell because the time duration all depends on the band to band. In general, there would be a maximum duration of 2-hours, which most of the wedding band offer you for the performance.

However, there would be breaks also in their live performance, which will be mention in the agreement they offer to you.

Also, some bands will offer different playing sets, for example, they bring them their own extra instruments to maximize the entertainment levels, as well as some of them, provide you with more flexibility when it times to extend the moment of live music.

So, technically, the exact duration of playing live music in the wedding day varies on the band’s requirements. Check them out before the booking, it would be better and more convenient for you to prevent further excuses at the time of performance.

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