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Why Instagram Is the Best Place For Brands For Success

All the brands know that traditional marketing is not trending anymore. That is why they have shifted to marketing with the help of social media. Traditional marketing has a limited reach. But social media marketing is capable of spreading the message of a brand to different corners of this huge world. Social media comprises of your target customers. Who are looking for the kinds of products or services that you offer. Brands are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other social networking platforms. But the one that they currently prefer the most is undoubtedly Instagram. Instagram is preferred because of the visual nature that it has. As stated by, Instagram currently has almost 25 million businesses. And 80% of the users tend to follow more than one business.

If you are still not convinced as to why you should use Instagram for your brand. Consider the reasons as to why you should.

Mobile Functionality

People are using Instagram on the go. Unlike the other social media platforms. They do not have to sit in front of their desktop or laptop to go through their social media accounts. With a large number of users on Instagram. You can be assured that your brand is definitely going to gain visibility. As a brand, you can also upload interesting pictures of your services and products, which is going to attract more followers with time. Instagram is one of the simplest applications and you can be assured that people are definitely going to go through what you have to offer.

The Visual Nature

Though most of the people love reading. It is true that human beings love gathering and interpreting information when they are capable of viewing it. This is one of the most important reasons as to why an important form of marketing, which is known as visual marketing, has managed to gain so much popularity in recent years. Instagram is known to appeal to the customers as well as the brands for the visual nature that it has. You can not only explain the products that you offer but you can also upload pictures so that people can connect with them easily. Try using Like4Like within the captions of your images for gaining more likes on the posts.


Instagram is different from other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, because of the simplicity that it carries. It has attracted the younger audience, who are more inclined towards purchasing the new products or services. Majority of the users on Instagram are under 30 years of age. They have the energy that the old social media platforms do not have anymore. With the young crowd on Instagram, you can be assured that your brand is going to gain visibility and also gain sales. Which is the most important aspect of your business.  You also have the opportunity of using a top female model or another Instagram influencer to promote your brand, which is not as effective on other forms of social media.


Brands do not need to be confused anymore about how they can spread the word about their business. By signing up for Instagram, brands are naturally gaining visibility as well as recognition.

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