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How to Hang Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are a complete solution of décor for different spaces of your home. Many people use them to cover the walls, mainly to cover the large walls. If you want to soundproof your home structure’s thin walls, Tapestries reduces your home’s sound transference. Several people use tapestries as a bedhead for their bed. The tapestries are not the same as conventional wood or metal bedhead but still provides a nice visual decorative touch to the bedroom.

Why does anyone want to hang a wall tapestry?

One of the main reasons to hang a wall tapestry is because it doesn’t do extensive damage to the walls. Most of the tapestries commonly hang through a nail or two and dowel rod. If you own a tapestry that you want to hang, then there are some steps that you have to follow to make sure that they are correctly hanging over the wall? At Fine Art America, you can easily create custom tapestries which you have made according to your choice, let them all hang to reflect their beauties and your taste.

Six best ways to hang wall tapestries

Here’s a look at six methods and tricks for hanging tapestries:

  • The first method to hang a tapestry is with a clamp out of wood. To hang with a wooden clamp, you have to have a string, wooden slats, pan head screws, and hot glue.
  • Another method to hang the tapestry is to use of curtain rod and hooks. It just requires a rod attached with the wall, then makes holes in the tapestry fabric. Next, passing the rod from the fabric loops hooks. If you don’t want to cut the tapestry fabric to make holes, use bulldog clips instead.
  • You have to combine dowel with a bonding agent to hang the tapestry. It only requires two to three nail holes without sewing anything. You have to take a fusing bonding agent and make a pocket from which the dowel rod can pass through it. You can put an eye hook to tight them on end. From the hook, you can tie the string. In case your tapestry piece is heavy, then you have to use rope rather than a string. If the tapestry is extra heavy, then you may require a wall anchor instead of screws or nails.
  • Wooden wall mounts can be used to hang wall tapestries. You have to take a piece of wood and cut it as per your need. You can also take a bit of wood, bigger than the tapestry. (because of bigger size, definitely wall anchor must be required to give support to the wood), You can make it as only the top part of the tapestry fabric is attached to the plank, with the wood adhere to the wall as if it is a horizontal, floating shelf. Staining the plank is preferred by a few people who want the tapestry to blend more appropriately with their décor of the space. Once the wood gets fix with the wall, the tapestry piece can attach to the wood.
  • Tree branches that have fallen already can be a perfect way to hang tapestries. You can collect a branch and tie the fabric with it using thick yarn with the help of a large needle.
  • If you are a tenant and there are restrictions to make holes on the walls, you can always use command strips, tacks, or even Velcro to hang a tapestry on the wall. All of these procedures don’t do extensive damage to the walls.


Tapestry art pieces indeed exhibit some of the most amazing creations made by the artists. It is necessary to hang these art pieces correctly and in the right places to ensure that their beauty has not diminished.

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