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How to Deal with Tooth Decay?

Caring for people’s health is the most important social task, which can be solved only when the foundations of it are laid in early childhood. Dentists advise: take care of your teeth from a young age! Of the large group of dental diseases, tooth decay and periodontal disease are the most common. If tooth decay, first of all, destroys the tooth itself, then with periodontal diseases its supporting tissues are affected. However, tooth decay and periodontal disease are the main causes of tooth loss.

The development of caries is the result of the interaction of three factors – microbes, food and the stability of tooth enamel. Microorganisms, located on the surface of the teeth, during the breakdown of carbohydrates form acid, which leads to tooth decay, starting with the dissolution of the surface layer of enamel. Excess sugar, sweets (especially candy and caramel), cakes, pastries, jams, mainly in between meals, contribute to the development of dental caries because create conditions for the growth of caries of causing microorganisms, which in turn form plaque, which can accumulate acids as a product of their vital activity.

The sensitivity of teeth to caries largely depends on the shape and structure, which in turn is determined by the nature of nutrition, especially during the development of the body, as well as the genetic code. An increase in carbohydrate content in food and insufficient protein content during tooth development leads to a decrease in their size and weight, a violation of the tooth enamel structure and early development of caries.

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The condition of the gums and teeth depends on the bite during chewing. It is easy to see how much the bite increases with daily chewing of sprouted wheat, raw vegetables, and herbs. And, on the contrary, this force instantly melts, it is worth only a few times to bite off a piece of cake or a cake. Teeth need work, i.e. a balanced diet with sufficient fiber (fresh vegetables and fruits), solid and dense food with consistency to provide the minimum necessary load on the teeth.

Chewing enhances salivation, which promotes self-cleaning of teeth from sticky food debris that undergoes fermentation and decay and also participates in the formation of tartar, which injures the gum and supports the inflammatory process in it. In addition, subtle energy processes that regulate digestion are included. The powerful bite that has become the norm activates the intestines, which is largely responsible for digestion and assimilation of food. The feedback comes into effect – the flow of trace elements additionally extracted from food, vitamins, etc. provides teeth and gums with necessary nutrition, strengthens them.

The main subjects of oral hygiene are toothbrushes, dental flosses, toothpaste, toothpicks, and dental stimulants. By removing plaque, the main cause leading to the development of caries is eliminated. The secret to success is regularity. After each meal, it is necessary to rinse your mouth, and in the mornings and evenings brush your teeth with medical and preventive toothpaste. After this cleaning, pleasant freshness appears in the mouth.

One needs to get used to thorough oral hygiene. As directed by orthodontics Los Angeles, children should start brushing their teeth from the age of 2 (without paste), and from 3 years old – with paste. You will never experience excruciating toothache if you learn a few basic rules of dental care. First, pay a visit to the dentist. He will demonstrate how to brush your teeth properly. It treats the dentition with a special dental dye so that you can see with your own eyes what danger to dental health is a soft coating left in the mouth after improper brushing. Brush your teeth in accordance with all the rules and do it daily in the morning and evening. We strongly recommend that you seek dental help if: -there is no strength to endure exhausting pain, and analgin does not help;

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