Hilook Offers Basic Security Needs

Looking for high-performance video surveillance at a reasonable price? Check out the HiLook brand that feats the bullseye for entry-level video surveillance with profitable, user-friendly, and trustworthy goods and services for small- and medium-sized projects. Including IP, analog, and broadcast solutions, HiLook offers perfect picks for a wide variety of rudimentary security needs.

Furthermore, you can now achieve your HiLook devices with HiLookVision, the newest video management software, equally on PC and mobile. Perfect to be well-matched with all front- and back-end products of HiLook, it offers functionalities like live assessment, file backup, scheduled storage, video recording, remote search & playback, and alarm management.

Easy-to-use and reliable products:

HiLook (formerly HiWatch) is the designation for a new sequence of affordable yet expert quality CCTV products from the world’s foremost CCTV manufacturer Hikvision. Looking for high-performance video surveillance at a cheap price? Come and browse our perfect selection of Hilook products that suits your requirements. Featuring IP, analog, and transmission solutions, HiLook offers idyllic selections for a wide range of security needs.

You can now succeed your HiLook devices with HiLookVision, the up-to-date video management software, both on PC and on mobile. Spot-on to be like-minded with all front- and back-end products of HiLook, it bids functionalities like live view, file backup, scheduled storage, alarm management and, video recording, remote search & playback.

HiLook offers a complete range of cameras to assurance that you can stipulate the precise camera for your requirements. This includes a variety of styles, lenses, colors, and features that can be collected to get the best presentation in any situation.

The CCTV recorders from HiLook can be effortlessly linked to your home network for local network and remote Internet access allowing easy viewing of live and recorded descriptions on your PC, tablet, or smartphone using a web browser or mobile app.

Browse our range of HiLook brand:

Pacetech is an official Hikvision partner and foremost HiLook distributor offering trade assessing direct support, and a wide variety of products. We hold extensive stocks of both expert Hikvision products and the HiLook CCTV variety and have hundreds of lines in stock and equipped for next-day delivery both generally and internationally. You can also view a wide-ranging series of HiLook and supplementary security products where we offer demos, training, and direction to trade and public clients.

Here you can browse our variety of HiLook brand HD cameras. If you’re looking for entry-level, reasonable security solutions that claim the dependability and ease-of-use of their more exclusive complements, then look no more than HiLook. HiLook is an off-shoot of the renowned HikVision brand, specially intended for small to medium-sized projects. HiLook products feature all you would expect from an entry-level system and are even bright to be skillful directly from your processer or phone through the HiLookVision application.

HiLook IP Solution:

The HiLook IP series delivers the most progressive features for the price: the H.265+ codec for all-out bandwidth and data storage competence, up to 4 MP super high-definition imaging, EXIR 2.0 for higher infrared light luminous competence, and WDR to balance color and brightness under exacting lighting conditions.

HiLook Analogue Solution:

The HiLook Analog Series offers H.264+ high-efficiency codec for thoroughgoing bandwidth and data storage competence, up to 3 MP super-high-definition imagery, and EXIR 2.0 for advanced infrared luminous competence.

Hikvision’s high-efficiency codec for analogue systems:

  • Extended infrared
  • power
  • Color correction for
  • distance
  • Extended, superior
  • compatibility

HiLook HD CCTV cameras and recorders:

HiLook HD CCTV cameras and recorders, power-driven by Hikvision, offer supreme value from the world’s main HD CCTV manufacturer.

Perfect for residential and small business submissions, the reasonable HiLook CCTV range comprises HD-IP and Analogue HD Ultraviolet domes, bullets, and battlement megapixel cameras. Our full variety of CCTV products are included Videplus cover Antrim, Newtownabbey, Lisburn, Belfast, Newry, Dungannon, Cookstown, Portadown, Carrickmacross, Enniskillen, Omagh, Strabane, Bangor, Magherafelt, Derry, Portrush, Cavan, Dundalk, Downpatrick, Newcastle, Donegal, Dublin, Ballymena, Ballyclare, Larne, Armagh, Coleraine, Drogheda. Get in touch with the Pacetech team to turn your dreams into reality.


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