Face scanning technology to improve security: Applications for Law enforcement, Prosecution, and Terrorism

Facial verification technology refers to using digital systems and tech to assess and analyze faces of human beings. The primary pillar supporting the online face recognition technology are face scanning systems which scan and computationally measure human faces to later, compare them against one another for verification purposes.

Biometric systems and features form the basis for face scanning technology. It is becoming increasingly popular as a security measure. This is because of its ability to offer quick and accurate verification of identity. Furthermore, the popularity and success of this technology  also roots in the fact that people can not change or steal facial features.

Face Scanning Technology for Crime Prevention

Face scanning is being used today in a variety of ways to prevent crime in the USA. For example, law enforcement use it to identify criminals, track suspects, and prevent mass shootings.

Using face scanning technology to identify criminals

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly using this technology to identify criminals who have been caught on camera. For example, in 2021,the New York Police Department (NYPD) used face detector online through Clearview AI to run 5,100 searches. They used these to identify criminals who had committed robberies and assaults.

Face scanning technology to prevent mass shooting

Thanks to modern tech ,today we can identify and catch shooters in minutes even if they escape the crime sites. For example, if a criminal shoots at a public location, CCTVs can immediately capture their face. Face scanning technology can then recognize them. We then send the facial data to all nearby police stations, and cameras.

Similarly, face scanning is also helpful in identifying potential mass shooters before they even commit an attack. For example, the FBI is using face scanning to monitor social media for potential mass shooters.

Face scanning technology track suspects

In today’s 21st century, face scanning technology is helping track suspects in other kinds of cases, as well. For example, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) used face scanning to track down a suspect who had committed a murder..

Face Scanning Technology for Terrorism Prevention

In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has lately made use of face recognizer online to identify potential terrorists and track their movements.

The DHS is using face scanning to identify potential terrorists who have entered the USA. This is particularly beneficial at situations such as face scanning at airports to identify potential terrorists who are trying to enter the country.

Furthermore, the DHS is also using face scanning to monitor public places for potential terrorist activity. To elaborate, it is routine at sporting events and concerts and other crowded public places to identify potential terrorists through face scanning technology, who may be planning an attack.

Tightening Border Security by using face scanning technology

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) use face scanning technology to identify illegal immigrants and prevent human trafficking.

Understanding how face scanning technology is helping identify illegal immigrants

The Customs and Border Protection is using face scanning at ports of entry to identify illegal immigrants who are trying to enter the USA. For example, we are seeing usage of face scanning at the US-Mexico border to identify illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the border.

To prevent human trafficking by making use of face verification solutions

CBP is also using face scanning to identify victims of human trafficking. There have been repeated cases where victims of human and child sexual trafficking were identified. In one such case, a random California officer fed a picture they found on a popular social media platform for a missing girl. Once the picture was fed to the system, it immediately reported the child’s presence in online sex ads and her having been sold to child abusers.

Keeping borders secure

The Customs and Border Protection is committed to protecting the US borders for all kinds of harms and potential harms. CBP uses face scanning to monitor the border for illegal activity.

The Benefits of Face Scanning for Security

Face scanning technology is such a popular tool due to the range of reasons. It offers simple and efficient solutions for management of facial data and identification without any major hurdles.

Quick and accurate

Face scanning can help to identify individuals quickly and accurately. This is important for law enforcement agencies that need to identify criminals or track suspects.


Face scanning is beneficial to scale to large populations. This is important for border security agencies that need to monitor large borders.


Face scanning is a cost-effective way to improve security. This is important for law enforcement agencies and other government agencies that have limited budgets.


Face scanning technology is such a popular tool due to its versatility and wide applicability. Within the security sector, it has been repeatedly proven to be a trustable verification method. While fingers can be severed, and ID cards and other bionic chips can be changed, the changing of the facial features of an individual is extremely unlikely.

Today, this technology is a prime tool in matters strongly related to national security.


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