What Are the Long-Term Effects of Living in A Technological World

Today, we are living in the technical world. If we are not connected with the new era of technology, we are not up to date with the world as a whole. While comparing the past, it is assuming that without the use of technology life is nothing. All the task and work are possible with the help of evolving technology. if you want to enhance your business or brand, then hire the service of good company.

Technologies are now an integral part of life with the help of innovative tools such as a smartphone, laptop, tablets and so on. Individuals and professionals cannot deprive themselves by using these tools. Just because the extensive use of technology, China and other countries have made their existence in the innovative world. But wait a minute, long-term use of technology may be useful, and you will feel like a dull life.

Technological World


The impact of technology can be seen in every aspect of human life.  Running a business is also incomplete without the use of cell phones, fax machine, tablets, social media and e-mail. The reason behind this, the internet become an integral part that plays essential roles in people’s everyday lives. Two main issues occur with the use of technology such as:

Health Issues

Consistently, the use of technology leads to health issues. The pollutant that found in our environment leads to serious diseases such as genetics and cancer disorders. Over the time, obesity becomes the number one health issue that affects indirectly or directly use of technology. Humans spend half of the day while watching T.V, using a laptop and playing games. Use of micro-waved is also harmful to our health because of electrical waves in food. Ultimately, human lifestyle is affected with the use of technology.

Sleep becomes the most critical factor for a healthy lifestyle, but with the use of smartphone our brain is consistently active. The display light releases the melanin, sleep chemical as well as constant streaming that released the tremendous neural activity. Humans are unable to assume their life without using technology.

Social Issues

Mostly, people think that the internet is the most significant source of connecting people. Somehow, its real, because you can see and talk people through video call anywhere in the world. It’s become a post modern culture nowadays. Meanwhile, this culture effect on our daily lifestyle. For instance, we are using a smartphone while listening songs with plugging headphones. It seems like currently we are not physically present. No matter what is going around us, no matter who is feeling pain.

Probably, it’s a fact; social media is the primary cause of issues related to post modern society. Nowadays, cyber-bullying causes harmful mental effects as well as the reason for suicides. Social media anonymize our online lives, on the other hand, there is a safe gateway to come out from these technical issues.

What Do You Think About The Advent Of Technology?

New technologies have been an integral part of our daily life for several years because of continues improvements. The 21st century has witnessed a spectacular and dizzying rise of new technologies. Indeed, our lifestyle is no longer the same as twenty years ago. Nowadays the world is at our fingertips like in one click.

Does the new way of life we have severe consequences for us? It is clear that our lives have been changed since the advent of new technologies. Human’s life changes rapidly at present time just because of innovative technology tools. Now, the distance has been removed; it’s easy to order food, book items from online resources, capture images, follow live events on other continents, etc. Everybody must bend before the potential and the creative spirit of all scientists. We must also acknowledge their efforts and their real contribution to the advancement of this world. But despite these advantages of technology the question arises is there any disadvantages?

Today, private and intimate life is no longer exists. Human is trapped with social networks that feel compulsory to connect. However, everybody prefers to leave a text message instead of visiting home to their love ones. Thus, this act creates a distance and a gap between individuals. People have even come to develop intimate relationships through the operating systems that will bring an adverse effect on blue world city.

Pros of Technology

  1. Technology has allowed us to discover the rest of the world.
  2. Communication time between two people reduced due to smartphone.
  3. The Internet is increasingly important for research and studies.
  4. The laundry task can quickly perform without any effort.
  5. The use of a calculator is a useful invention; the man does not do any more mental calculus.
  6. Currently, communication between the two countries has become more comfortable than the previous one.
  7. With a few resources, you can improve the quality and quantity of products.

Cons of Using Technology

  1. The use of certain technological materials polluting the environment.
  2. Electronic products recognize as emitting electromagnetic waves such as the mobile phone, which causes health problems.
  3. Overconsumption of technological and electronic products lead to pollution due to increased waste, which has a significant impact on the ecological environment.
  4. The decrease in human capital enterprises that implies an increase in unemployment.
  5. Humans depend on technical products such as laptop, tablets, a smartphone that directly effects on social life.

advent of technology

Meanwhile, the presence of technology is surprising one because of its useful functions. Indeed, there are many benefits of technology as well as disadvantages. Probably, its fact that technology control your life.

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