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How to Cut and Process Videos Easily and efficiently with VideoProc

Videos are made to relive the memories. One can easily cherish the past moments by watching videos and scenes captured by the cameras. The most precious moments happen for a few seconds, and recording those exact moments is rare and valuable. The first steps of your kid, are recorded in a full fledge video which has your struggle behind it. Or, your young boy going out for his first prom, wearing a black leather jacket and you being all emotional. The videos record more than what the moment is about. This is where you seek a software which allows you to edit the videos and get hold onto those precious memories. VideoProc is the software that you need to download right away.

What is VideoProc

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Every individual who is fond of making videos and capturing the moments to relive later must have VideoProc on their gadget. Video Proc is the fastest video processing software which is powered by Level 3 hardware acceleration and delivers you with the smooth HD/4K video editing results.

The software not only enables you to edit your videos but allows you to convert the videos in a readable source effectively. This is certainly the easiest video editing software that you can come across, no matter where the video is recorded; How To Download Videos From Vidmate App let it be Drone, smartphone, camera or GoPro, Video Proc is efficient enough to edit the videos and convert them into a smaller size.

Why is VideoProc different

VideoProc is powered by Level 3 hardware acceleration, which makes the software better and optimal than others. There are several benefits that the hardware acceleration provides the software. The software is made effective because of the acceleration, which directly benefits the end-user. The following are the benefits that Video Proc has for the user:

  • Quality is Better

The deinterlacing technology of VideoProc maintains the quality of the video. The high-quality engine integrated with the software enables to convert and edit the videos with the actual footage quality that was recorded initially. The specifications of the software include the capability to optimize the quality of the video, reduce noise, and make the picture clear by adjusting definition.

  • Optimization of the Files

VideoProc has a smaller file size than the usual conversion and video editing software. The software has a video processing technology that has a compression ratio of more than 90 percent. Video Proc supports the videos that are HD, MPEG-4, MOD camcorder footage, HEVC, H.246, AVI, MKV, MOV, and 4K @60fps video content.

Features of VideoProc

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The video editing software is featured to meet the user requirements by processing the video as the user demands. Cropping the video and storing it in an optimal size, is what VideoProc serves with. The additional features are:

  • The software is not only serving the trimming option; you can edit, cut, and trip the video through VideoProc. Other than these operations, you can rotate a vertical video into a horizontal one by using the rotate option. Merging, adjusting, resizing, and transcoding the video is also possible through the use of Video Proc.
  • At times, you are quite excited while filming a video, which can create noise or shake in the video. Through VideoProc, you can get rid of the mishaps.
  • You can accessorize your video by adding a watermark or subtitles to your video.
  • As Video Proc is processing the videos at a GPU acceleration speed, the quality of the audio is not degraded. This is the feature which makes VideoProc popular.
  • The conversion of DVDs to MP4 and AVI or other digital formats is made possible because of VideoProc.
  • Recording the screen is allowed during the use of Video Proc.
  • Adding effects to your videos is now easier with the use of Video Proc, choose among the tons of effects and embellish the video to cherish some old gold memories in the future.
  • The use of VideoProc enables you to make GIFs.

How to Cut Videos with VideoProc

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There are times when you want to cut a video and get hold onto a moment from the entire video. This is where VideoProc steps in, and allows the user to trim the video according to their desire. The flexible cutting enables you to shorten the video, rearrange the clips by segments, and optimize the file size. The basic steps to trim a video and cherish the specific clip are listed below:

Step 1: Open VideoProc and select “+Video.”

Step 2: Choose the video that you want to cut or drag the video to the software.

Step 3: Click “Cut” to view the video trimming window.

Step 4: Drag and adjust the cropping bar to crop the segment of the video. Select “Cut” to perform the function.

Step 5: Select a format for the output file and click “Run” to cut the video and process the result. The video will be converted in the format that you have chosen.

VideoProc is a software that you must have on your device. The features that the software provides to the users are immensely astounding and certain in providing the best quality result of the cropped video.  This generation is all about recording videos and later on, spending several hours in editing and cropping the videos to get a good number of likes on social media.

Through VideoProc you can easily edit, crop, merge and accessorize your videos with additional features, and save your time by getting hold onto a good quality video. Check out the site of VideoProc and download the software for free. Cherish the memories with a high-quality video along with the original video. It is easy to use, and effective to cut and process the videos on Video Proc. Capture your precious moments in a video and relive it for a lifetime.

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