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How to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business

Surely, you heard the opinion that the SEO is dead, but this is not so. It cannot be dead while search engines exist, and users search for information, services, and products online. Moreover, statistics indicate that the majority of users do not go to the second page of search results, so the goal of any business is to get to the first one by relevant key queries. And it is better to entrust this task to specialists. In this article, we talk about how to choose the right SEO company for your business.

Choose from the Top of Search Results

Because it is logical. If the company has developed and implemented its successful SEO strategy, then there is every chance that it will also successfully cope with your task. However, there are several subtleties.

If you write in the search bar the most general query such as SEO company, then most likely you will see the most popular and sought after companies around the world. And the prices for their services will likely be extremely high, and the volume of current orders is so large that they may not be able to immediately start working with you.

As an alternative, you can write a request SEO company near me or an SEO company in Your City. Write a few similar queries, make a list of the top companies, and let’s move on to the next stages of our selection.

Make Sure All Team Members Are on Staff

This is the most ideal option when the company works in one office, and the whole team is assembled in one place. This greatly facilitates communication with customers and team members among themselves. Besides, if you choose a company that is located in your city, you can meet each member of the team directly and make sure that you speak the same language.

Important note! If you have chosen a company that works with remote teams but suits you according to all other criteria, this is not a reason to refuse to cooperate. In this case, make sure that the remote communication is also established and immediately ask questions about how often you will get in touch, and what are your actions in case you need to ask a question to one of the team members. To do this, pay attention to the time zones in which all team members are located – they all should work at the same time.

However, even this is not a red flag with the proper organization of work. For example, a copywriter from another time zone can write texts while all other team members are sleeping, and in the morning the team will receive a finished result from him.

Get in Touch with Their Previous Customers and Ask Them for Feedback

Get in Touch with Their Previous Customers and Ask Them for Feedback

Unfortunately, a lot of reviews on the Internet are fake. These are cases when companies create reviews for themselves or hire cheap authors to publish untruthful reviews on different platforms and it doesn’t look like spam.

Therefore, in order not to encounter this situation, ask the representative of the SEO of the company to give you the contacts of their previous customers. A company that has nothing to hide, all of whose clients are real, and search engine promotion methods are white, will easily share contact details with you.

Conversely, this is a wake-up call if you receive their denial of this request. This means that either their portfolio is fake, or they sin with black methods of promotion, or they somehow ruined the reputation of one of their clients, and now they want to hide it from you.

Make Sure the SEO Strategy They Propose Meets Your Business Goals

Perhaps this item is the most important. Your SEO should have a goal, and the company should help you achieve it. SEO promotion without a goal is almost the same as money spent in vain. Therefore, make sure that the company

Likely, a professional company will also offer you to make some changes to your SEO strategy – do not rush to agree, but do not rush to refuse. Ask them to explain their every suggestion and clearly describe the expected results to you. Which, by the way, should be fixed in the contract, but we will say a little more about this later.

Check If the Result They Deliver May Be Scaled

In fact, the possibilities of SEO are endless and with the right approach, you can get to the top for all relevant search queries and attract audiences from all over the world. By the way, if the company promises you to bring your SEO to the global level in two weeks, then know that this is not physically possible. Search engines need much more time to index every page of your site, collect data on user behavior and rank it accordingly.

However, it is quite possible to achieve the maximum result gradually. And if your ultimate goal is a global reach, then you need to immediately talk about it and jointly provide opportunities for development in SEO strategies.

Therefore, you can immediately tell your potential SEO partner that now you want to realize your current goals and lay the foundation for deploying the site to the whole world. And listen to what they will answer you.

The correct answer is to start promoting the existing version of the site, and gradually create multilingual versions, localizing and translating them using The Word Point translation service.

Ask Them to Explain You Their Pricing System

As a rule, SEO companies work according to two models – it can be either a fixed price for a predefined set of services, for example, developing an SEO strategy, collecting a semantic core and creating appropriate content. Or, it can be an hourly wage for each specialist.

In the first case, everything is pretty clear, but here you need to specify what result you get, in what time frame and fix it in the contract. Besides, you can immediately understand how much money you need and for what tasks.

In the second case, everything is a little more complicated. Here you will have to agree on a reporting system on how many hours of work have been spent and how this can be confirmed. However, a company that has been operating in the market for a long time will still be able to give you an approximate prediction of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Make Sure They Have Fixed Their Promises in the Contract

So, this is another very important point. Be sure to ask to show you the form of the contract and read all the conditions. Also, the contract must contain clear and measurable indicators that the company will achieve for you at each stage of your cooperation. For example, a company may promise to promote your page to the top for certain requests within three months. This is a fairly real promise – just make sure that it, like all others, is recorded in writing.

Ask Several Agencies for a Free Consultation

Practice shows that it is better to decide after you receive initial consultations from several companies. Remember at the beginning of the article we said that you need to create your selection of companies? So, do not hesitate to send a request to each of them, and communicate with representatives and teams of each of the companies. You already know which moments are the most important when choosing, therefore, choosing from several potential partners, your chances of finding the most suitable only increase.

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