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A night of good and deep night sleep is crucial to remain at best during the day. However, it becomes nearly impossible to achieve it without the right mattress. BedInABox is a website that offers the perfect sleeping essentials required to have the most comfortable sleep.

BedInABox provides excellent quality products made with the most resilient material available in the market. It offers different mattresses, adjustable beds, sleep essential equipment, and various foundations like the bed frame and the clever connect.

Some of the most popular mattresses offered by BedInABox are as follows:-

The Original: – The original is a memory foam mattress with a better medium-firm feel. It comprises of an 11 inches multilayer construction. It’s not so rigid so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without any discomfort. The original mattress has a Plush Cool Rest comfort layer, which absorbs the excess heat and temperature, thus ensuring that you don’t sweat much during your sleep. Soft and breathable knit covers maintain airflow. The mattress is capable of accommodating every sleeping position. The mattress meets the CertiPUR-US criteria. An exceptional feature is that it comes with a 20 years warranty and a 120 night trial period.


The Tranquillium is a memory foam mattress that is cool, secure, and supportive. It has 12 inches stable multilayer foam structure with CoolRest Gel memory infused foam along with a soft knit Tencel cover. The 12 inches construction contains three layers. It’s one of the most comfortable products offered by BedinABox.


The Azul mattress features ultracool technology with a medium-soft feel. The 11 inches medium-soft structure with multilayer foam infuses CoolRest® Gel memory foam along with an UltraCool® soft knit cover. People who often sweat a lot during sleeping can benefit from this product the most. The mattress ensures that you maintain a steady temperature during the night.


The Eco-Lux mattress consists of 11 inches of plush memory foam created with renewable materials. It comprises a breathable and moisture-wicking organic cover with cotton. The mattress is Bio-Preferred, and CertiPUR-US® certified. It’s also tested and qualified by OEKO-TEX.

Apart from mattresses, BedInABox also offers other things. It includes toppers, sheets, pillows, and protectors. These are also made with high-quality material that would enhance your sleeping experience. Furthermore, the websites guarantee policy with each product allows the customers to make variations with their orders if they don’t like what they receive.

The adjustable bed is another unique product that is offered by the BedInABox. It allows you to relax and calm down with the Bluetooth-empowered adaptable foundation. The bed is also compatible with all of the mattresses offered by BedInABox.

The bed comprises of the following features:

  • Weight lifting capacity of 880 pounds
  • Zero gravity settings
  • Can be controlled via Bluetooth
  • Provides Complete head and foot mobility

BedInABox provides some of the best products for the utmost sleeping comfort. Apart from durability, comfort, and quality, their products possess several qualifications.  All of the products are made in the USA, and if you aren’t already familiar, the country has strict legislation governing the product standards.

Eco-Lux is one of the most certified mattresses in the world. It contains the following certifications to its name:-

  • BioPreferred® certified
  • OEKO-TEX Qualified
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified

The 20-year warranty is the cherry at the top of such outstanding quality products that provide resilience and functionality.

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