Advanced Temperature Devices for Protecting Employees’ Health

Just 5 years ago, you never would have imagined having your temperature checked when going into work or stepping into another place of business as a customer. Now, however, it’s a fairly common practice. In a world that’s recently been through a pandemic, ensuring that those entering and leaving your place of business are healthy is extremely important. Anyone with an elevated temperature could be bringing a potentially deadly illness to your office—or, at the very least, a germ that will sicken your employees and put a huge drain on your productivity. Keep reading to learn about more advanced thermal scanners that can help protect your office from the spread of diseases.

FeverScan Face Temperature Scanner

The FeverScan Face Temperature Scanner can take each person’s temperature either via a forehead scan or a contact-free wrist scan. It can even integrate with facial recognition software, so that you can use the same device as a form of security and illness prevention. Program your Face Temperature Scanner to recognize employees’ faces to provide access to inner areas of the office, as well as to quickly check their body temperature for any signs of elevation. If an employee is running hot, the Face Temperature Scanner can alert them (and any other necessary personnel), and refuse entry to the office.

This can all be done automatically, without you needing to expose your receptionist or other personnel to potential germs. It can also be used to scan large groups simultaneously to pick up any individuals in the group that might be running a fever. This is a much faster, more efficient option than handheld forehead thermometers.

FeverScane Portable Body Temperature Scanner

This handheld version of the temperature scanner does require an employee to operate it. However, it can still be used to scan large groups and identify body temperatures above a predefined value. You can then quickly divert those individuals away from the group to hopefully avoid further spread of any germs they may be carrying.

Like the freestanding, automated model, this version of the FeverScan also has a dual system that allows the operator to screen for a fever and identify recognized employees at the same time. Capable of scanning hundreds of people a minute, this portable device is ideal for mass temperature screening in public areas.

If you want to protect your employees from unnecessary illness, look for a more advanced thermal temperature scanner in Orlando, and put away that forehead thermometer for good.

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