Home Education A girl’s experience and advice on studying abroad in Australia

A girl’s experience and advice on studying abroad in Australia

A girl’s experience and advice on studying abroad in Australia

I am an German girl studying Journalism and Communication Science at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. I would like to tell you a bit about my experiences down under here, with the hope that you will love this country and know of the study life in Australia as an international student.

My time in Australia, both during the university semester and in my spare time, is one of the best experiences I have had so far.

Thanks to the multicultural Australians, as a German you do not have to be afraid of anything and you are greeted with open arms – because no matter where you go, the fact that you come from an abroad country generates the most admiration. 

It very easy to find work, as long as you have a student visa. You, as a university student at the beginning of the study, you can apply for any work anyway needed especially in large cities like Brisbane’s very pronounced fast food restaurant, where you, as a bilingual, have very good chances to get a job. 

Here are some tips, I would like to share with you the knowledge that I acquired during my time in Australia:

1. Do not be afraid to talk to people and ask for something you do not know. The Australians are some of the nicest people I have ever met and will definitely help you out.

2. See and experience as much as you can. I currently reside in the Brisbane area and as Queensland is one of the largest and most populous states in the country there is always something to do – be it exploring one of the countless trails (I recommend the area around Binna Burra, you can go there stopping all day and even camping), sunbathing on the Gold or Sunshine Coast, visiting the numerous museums or shopping in the huge malls of Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Australia offers you an inexhaustible source of entertainment; use this as long as you can!

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3. Make friends! Whether Australian or not, I find it very easy to make new acquaintances; Even if you do not speak perfect English, you will usually be well understood, so do not be afraid. You might even want to buy an Australian SIM card to stay in touch to send cheaper SMS.

I especially emphasize this point, because the purpose of a semester abroad or stay is mainly to have fun and to have good experiences, which is very easy in Australia.

The good climate seems to have a special impact on people, because they are almost permanently in a good mood, and that will rub off on you in no time (but never forget your sunscreen!). You will also find that colleagues at work are often nice and helpful and, at least in my experience, never embarrassed to explain something to you.

4. If you really need to look for work, it’s best to polish your resume and adapt it to the Australian format, which is slightly different from the German one. So read about it on the internet. Also required by many potential employers is a cover letter or letter of motivation in which you can prove your zest for action and your willingness to work.

Of course, if you are invited to a job interview, you will be well dressed agreeable with the situation and show a good attitude. Such behavior is required of you in most industries.

Be polite as well as be ‘easy going’ especially if you are dealing with customers. So if you behave well and prepare for a job interview, the job should almost be yours!

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5. Work is logically linked to money: in Australia, the the currency is Australian dollar ($ AUD). But do not be shocked if you have to pay $ 4 for a bag of chips in the supermarket – the exchange rate of $ AUD to Euro is not 1: 1, so you get a little more than a dollar for one euro and the price in the supermarket something like that. 

Also, do not be surprised that there are no 1- and 2-cent coins for the Australian dollar, because these were deleted due to superfluity and disuse some time ago. For this reason, cash payment is always rounded up to the next 5-er-amount, that is, a bottle of water pricing $ 1.99 costs around $ 2 in cash . However, if you pay with a card, the unrounded amounts remain, which can easily be confusing.

6. If you drive a car during your stay in Australia, it will be particularly pleasing and convenient to you, as it is much cheaper than driving in Europe. And do not forget that in Australia, you need to drive on the left, thanks to its former connection to the UK.

Write in the end

Seeing the above, you now must have a general understanding of Australia. Guest you want to read: How to study abroad in Australia.

There are many facilities to study in Brisbane Queensland. Since different uni has a different focus, there is no optimal or best university per area, so look for the one that best supports and covers your desired subject area.

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