9 Best Ways to Guard Your E-Business Against Cyber Attack

Around one in four Americans has been become a victim of cyber crime. And, the number is increasing rapidly because cyber crime technologies are evolving day by day. Moreover, the cyber criminals earn over $1 billion from medium scale to large scale e-businesses and, around forty thousand dollars revenue is made from small-scale corporations each year. That’s why now every e-commerce owner indulges in improving cyber security.

According to cyber crime latest report it is believed that there will be global spending on cyber security will reach $1 trillion from year 2017-2021.

Thus, the best ways to protect e-business against cyber attacks are described below:

Identify the Potential Threats

A threat can come from any side either internally or externally. So, make sure to identify the threat in advance so that you can make a strategy to tackle it. For example, an innocent mistake of your company employee can build up a loophole for hackers and your company’s private data can be stolen. Therefore, recognizing and dealing with possible risks are quite important for your corporation because it can abolish the devastating effects of cyber attacks.

Keep Updated Your Computer Network

Hackers often try to find vulnerabilities in the organizational computer network. So, make sure to keep the entire system updated including Operating system, Web browsers, Firewalls, and Antivirus Software, etc. A little ignorance in such maintenance can put you in great trouble.

Ensure Email Security

Emails are widely used in exchanging information, while the phishing attack and spam emails have become the main causes of concern for many businesses. Company’s employees are targeted easily by such phishing attacks because they usually have a little awareness of such attacks.   Therefore, you can use anti-spam filters and antivirus programs with artificial intelligence for email protection. Moreover, anti-phishing platforms and email signing certificates can be used for additional protection.

Guide Your Employees

Employee’s negligence has become the leading cause of data breaching in most of the corporations. That’s why around 58% of midsized corporations are providing training to their employees about cyber attacks, which includes how to identify the risks and respond, what are phishing and random attacks, and how to practice safe internet habits. Such guidance to your employees can make a strong shield of security against cybercriminals.

Install SSL Certificate

Most of the web users expect to secure their private information that they share on websites including account login info, credit card number, id number, email id, and contact info. Thus, the SSL certificate is important on websites to secure users as well as corporation data. It encrypts the private data that is being transmitted between a web user and web server so that it can be protected from hackers.

If you have website with multiple sub domains, then install Wildcard SSL certificate. This single certificate secures main domain and all its sub domains. Moreover, it speeds up the web loading time which positively effects web ranking on search engines and builds customer trust. To stop cybercrime, SSL certificate works like a weapon.

Conduct Audits on A Regular Basis

Only a single vulnerability in your business’ infrastructure may open a window for cyber criminals to hack your private information. So, audits should be conducted on a regular basis so that you can minimize the risk of getting hacked. The best way to do so is to hire a professional who can do this job on your behalf. Some entrepreneurs consider it as an insignificant expense but it is nothing in exchange for such invaluable service.  

Experts always have knowledge about the latest issues and the risks that may present in the current security systems which may affect your corporation. They can better prepare a security plan to protect your organization from being hacked.

Insure Your Corporation against Cyber attacks

Usually, people get insurance for their lives and expensive possessions.  Business is considered as valuable as such expensive possessions, so the business should also be insured against cybercrimes in order to cover all the risks and threats that may arise due to hackers and viruses. In addition, it will give you an estimation of would be damages and the level of the risk that your corporation would be involved in.  

Enforce Strong Off boarding Policies

It is vital to keep your company safe from cyber attacks, so there is a need to develop a strong off boarding policy for your faculty. In off boarding policy, off boarding or signoff policy should include returning of laptops, mobile devices ID badges, and company credit cards before leaving the company premises. Besides it, deleting the email address and varying the account’s passwords if not encrypted also should be included in the off boarding policy.

Implement Network Access Control (NAC)

As a number of employees, contractors, visitors, and third-party suppliers usually use the company network, it may pose to data breaching. So, there should be an implementation of Network Access Control (NAC) to restrict the access of resources on the corporate network. It provides a tangible security benefit to corporations.


Nowadays, to keep running your e-commerce smoothly you should strengthen your cyber security posture with the above-mentioned security guidelines. Furthermore, stay up-to-date yourself with the latest technologies so that you can continuously evolve your security methods against cyber threats.  


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