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5 Reasons why you must Buy Puppy Pads

Dog puppy pads may not be the most glamorous things to leave lying around, but when it comes to puppy house training, many pet parents feel they are a must – and

You can find out about the best puppy pads options for dogs that can’t go outside for health reasons.

When you have decided which puppy pad is right for your dog, there are at least five good reasons why you should persevere with getting your dog used to using them.

Good ones are quick-drying, holding as many as three cups of liquid. Some even turn urine into a gel to prevent spills.

They are good at neutralizing odors and come in various sizes and styles. There are even pads that are designed to look like grass. Others have attractants that will encourage your dog to come to them.

When you are getting started with puppy pads, you will find dogs don’t automatically know how or why they should use the pad. This means training cannot be ignored.

Be prepared to expect accidents, especially to begin with. It is a good idea to make sure you have stocked up with the essentials you’ll need to clean up any mishaps.

Enzyme cleaners, for example, work almost like magic. Steam cleaners prevent odors from setting in, especially when you don’t catch a mistake straight away.

To train your dog to use your puppy pads:

  1.   Keep the puppy on a leash. It is a good idea to encourage the dog to see the space as their own. It could be in a kennel, near its bed, or in a pen. When a puppy appears to be about to relieve themselves, say a word of choice (“potty” is popular), then take the puppy to the pad and let it do its business.
  2.   When you have success give plenty of praise and lots of positive reinforcement.
  3.   If you fail early on don’t lose your temper but take the dog to the pad. You don’t want to instill fear in your dog. It may confuse it and cause it to think it’s OK to relieve itself in the wrong place.
  4.   Try to stick to a regular schedule. The majority of dogs eat twice a day and it’s a good practice to set the food out in the morning and the evening and then take the bowls away and encourage the dog to go out. The aim is to move the dog onto a potty schedule.
  5.   To teach the dog that there is a difference between the floor and their puppy pad put down pads across the entire floor.
  6.   Encourage your dog to regularly visit the pads every few hours. This could be done after the dog eats, sleeps, or plays.
  7.   The more you repeat these steps and reward positive behavior, the better your chances of having a fully house trained dog.

Indoor puppy pad training is great for small breeds. Pads are also good for dogs that are older, ill or otherwise disabled. They are also recommended for puppies who are waiting for their vaccinations.

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