5 Reasons To Purchase a Smittybilt Rooftop Tent

You may never have even seen a roof tent for Jeep Wrangler before. Though they are only slowly catching on here in North America, they have been popular in places like Australia for many years. Aside from just looking really cool, they also offer a number of advantages over traditional camping methods. Here are some of the major benefits of using a rooftop tent for camping.


While there are numerous Smittybilt accessories available to purchase separately, it usually includes its own mattress, so you do not need a separate one. A roof tent provides a completely level sleeping surface, so you do not need to worry about trying to find a lump-free plot of ground on which to pitch your tent. Some who camp in a rooftop tent report better, more restful sleep as a result.

Safety and Protection

When you are elevated off the ground in a rooftop tent, you do not need to worry about creepy crawlies such as insects, snakes, spiders, or other vermin getting inside with you. You also do not need to worry about flying insects because of the built-in mosquito net.

Experienced campers know that tents usually hold up fine in dry weather but tend to leak in the rain. Not only is a roof tent made of waterproof polyester material, but it also comes with a hardshell top made of tough but lightweight plastic. The combination of the two materials provides protection from the rain, and being up off the ground helps protect you from water that can accumulate in low spots.

Although the setup is a breeze once you drive your vehicle to camp, the initial process of screwing the tent to the roof rack will take some time. Read and follow all provided installation instructions carefully. And you will need at least one strong companion to be around because you will need help lifting the tent on its luggage rack.

Ease of Setup

Setting up a regular tent involves struggling to get tent poles secured into the ground. If you do not do so exactly right, the tent could blow away or collapse in on itself. Since a roof tent is elevated above the ground, there is no need to struggle with tent poles.

Setting up a roof tent takes approximately two minutes to flip the tent open, set the ladder height, and secure the guy lines. We researched dozens of expert sources and thousands of consumer reviews to select the best rooftop tents.

To determine our total expert score, we calculated the ratings of trusted posts like Gear We Are, HI Consumption, and Gear Junkie and converted them to a 100-point scale to make it easier for you to weigh the best options. Our consumer score represents the percentage of people who purchased the product and rated it at least four out of five stars on retail sites such as Amazon, REI, and Backcountry.

Extra Space

A rooftop tent is lighter than the traditional variety, meaning that you can enjoy the luxurious space afforded by a four-person tent even if there are only two people at your camping party. Additionally, carrying the tent around on your roof frees up space in the body of the vehicle for storage of more camping gear like camp chairs, bedding, portable shower bag, and other essentials. Sometimes they are called book-style tents and are reminiscent of a traditional A-frame tent with an inner pole and an almost triangular shape.

They definitely look great and attract attention. They’re also lightweight, especially Tepui roof tents and Frontrunner tents, though they’re generally made from the most robust canvas available. But from a usability point of view, they are quite difficult to maintain, dry, and appear and collapse. They are also less aerodynamic than rigid tents, which affects fuel economy.

Actually, these tents started it all, which is why they are made by the most experienced carp production companies. They play a role in the evolution from the ground tent to the hard-top tents that are popular these days.


Admittedly, a rooftop tent is usually more expensive than a traditional tent. However, it is significantly more cost-effective than an RV. Furthermore, if you are a frequent camper, a roof tent is an investment that pays for itself in comfort and convenience over the course of many camping trips. If you’re still concerned about price, you should shop around online retailers for the best deal.

While not everyone can benefit from a tent on top of a Jeep, it may be ideal for people who don’t like the disadvantages of traditional tents but are still interested in roughing them. Online retailers carry a variety of rooftop tents at competitive prices.

The Ruggedized can accommodate up to three people, though an Amazon reviewer noted that with the sloping walls the sleeping space might be a bit tight if you also bring your gear. But in our previous tests, we found that those walls were steep enough for us to sit almost anywhere inside.

What gives this store the “rugged” label is its diamond plate base, sturdy aluminum frame, and double-stitched fabric, which Tepui says is 40 percent heavier than standard models.

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