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5 Health and Wellness Products for Seniors

Ever heard the phrase work smarter, not harder? The same thinking can be applied to life, especially as an aging senior. Whether you’re living independently and want to make daily life easier, or you’re looking to help out an aging loved one, there are plenty of products that can make day-to-day that much more enjoyable.

Plus, by incorporating the right tools into your daily routine, you can enhance your health and add years to your life.

Check out these five important health and wellness tools for seniors and determine which might make a difference in your golden years:

Fitness Tracker

Staying active in your senior years is crucial, as it can help you prevent and manage chronic health concerns, so it’s important to get out and exercise daily. A FitBit fitness tracker can help mobile seniors enhance their health by tracking their daily activity to ensure they’re keeping up with their exercise needs. This little wristband helps you keep track of your steps, heart rate, and more, ensuring you stay on top of your daily exercise routine.

Note: always talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen, as hospitalizations or age-related mobility problems may restrict the types of exercise you should do. In addition, the data you collect on a health fitness tracker may help healthcare providers better serve you during checkups and while prescribing medical care.

Tremor Wristband

Another wristband game-changer for seniors: the essential tremor wristband. If you live with essential tremor, consider adding this non-invasive targeted therapy to your life. The Cala Trio wristband for essential tremor is a wrist-worn device that is specially calibrated to tackle hand tremor symptoms.

This prescription wristband tackles the involuntary and rhythmic shaking caused by essential tremor, providing a decrease in hand tremors through dedicated sessions. This device targets the central tremor network through peripheral nerve stimulation, reducing shaking symptoms significantly, and allowing you to get back to what you love doing.

Long Handle Grooming Kit

As we get older, day to day activities can get a little bit harder, especially when chronic health conditions like arthritis are added to the mix. To make daily grooming a breeze, check out a long-handle grooming kit. If you have a limited range of motion, this tool can make daily upkeep much more convenient.

These kits most often come with brushes, combs, and a multi-purpose extendable grip that helps you reach areas you might not currently be able to unassisted.

Medical Alert System

Accidents happen, and you should always be able to access immediate assistance when an emergency occurs. If you’re a senior living alone or have an elderly loved one who lives independently, a mobile medical alert system is a must-have item.

Most of these products offer single-touch systems, in which you can contact an emergency response team, or a dedicated family member should something happen. Many of these medical alert systems also offer GPS tracking systems for increased security.


Mental health is a crucial piece of our overall wellness, so it’s important to focus on that aspect of your well-being when considering products that make day-to-day life easier. One of the best ways to keep your mind active and happy? Connecting with loved ones.

While the latest gadgets, gizmos, and social media channels can be frustratingly difficult to work with, there are pieces of technology designed for seniors. The Claris Companion, for example, is a tablet designed for seniors that offers one-touch video calling with no setup.

All messages sent through Claris are pushed to the device and displayed across the full screen; no need to navigate multiple windows or press complex number combinations. In the age of social distancing, this can be particularly important for seniors who may live alone.

Final Notes

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and the five health and wellness products above can help you or your senior loved one do just that. Try adding a few of these items into your daily regimen and see the difference they make.

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