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5 Creative Ways to Store Linens to Keep Them Fresh and Organized

5 Creative Ways to Store Linens to Keep Them Fresh and Organized

Keeping your apartment organized is great, but it takes time to get to that point. 

If your current goal is to come up with a streamlined linen closet, you might feel like you have your work cut out for you. But that’s alright because we’re here to save the day. 

Linens include washcloths, pillowcases, sheets, and towels. It’s easy to toss these fabric goods into a cabinet. But it’s also easy for them to end up in a jumbled mess.

Ideally, you should be able to open your linen cabinet and find what you need at the moment. 

To make that happen, try one of these five creative ways to store your linens. These solutions will help keep everything fresh and organized!

Tie Sheets Up in Fabric 

If you want to be as talented as Martha Stewart, then you might want to give this solution a try.

To keep bed sheets, pillowcases, and other linens organized, wrap them up in a piece of fabric. 

Then, you won’t have to worry about your precarious pile falling over. You can just grab a linen off the top of the wrapped stack whenever you need one. Pretty cool, right?

To take this technique one step further, color-coordinate your fabrics. Everything will look cool and curated when it’s organized by color.

Then whenever you need to replace your purple pillowcases, you’ll know exactly where they are. You won’t have to spend 20 minutes digging through the linen pile in your closet to find ‘em!

Switch up the Storage Location

There’s no set rule that you have to store all of your linens in one place. Feel free to put your linens wherever you want.

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You probably already have a closet where you store towels, blankets, and bedsheets. Use that closet only for the things that you use every day.

As for the others, here are a few other ways you can store them throughout the apartment: 

  • Roll up your towels and place them in a basket under the bathroom sink
  • Store seasonal sheets and other bedding in a bedroom closet.
  • Use your guest room closet for extra towels, blankets, and other things that don’t get used very often

If you end up storing some of your fabrics in other places, don’t forget where they are. And if you’re still worried about losing them, jot down their locations!

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Whether you have a big apartment, a small apartment, or anything in between, a hanging shoe organizer can do wonders.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the best spot for pillowcases and hand towels. A hanging shoe organizer is the perfect tool for keeping those things in order.

They’re also within reach whenever you open your linen closet! 

You might not have room to hang a shoe organizer over the closet door. Don’t worry — you can put it somewhere else.

For example, you might hang it over the bathroom door or in your guest room. You can do whatever you like!

Separate Linens with Wire Baskets

If you’re having a hard time keeping your fabric goods separated, get some wire baskets. This stylish solution will look incredible when you open up your closet.
Not only are wire baskets pleasing to the eye, but they’re also perfect for managing your storage. Put some labeled tags on the end of each basket, so you’ll know what linens are in each one. 

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And, it’ll be a lot easier to sort everything. You can put towels in one basket and bedding in another.

With a few baskets, your linens will be sorted and organized in no time!

Use File Holders to Store Smaller Linens 

If you thought file holders are only for the office, you were wrong.

They’re also great for storing small linens like washcloths and hand towels!

With just a few metal file holders, you can store all of your washcloths in one place. Each holder should have enough space for six to eight cloths. You can even fold larger towels and tuck them between each sorter!

The sorter method is a fun, creative way to display smaller linens. It also prevents them from getting lost in a sea of household fabrics. 

Are you inspired yet? Who would have thought there were so many fun and clever ways to store linens!

With these techniques, you’ll not only be able to declutter your apartment — you’ll also have a blast doing it!

And, since it’s your apartment, you’re allowed to organize it however you’d like. Play around with a few of these ideas, and you’ll probably come up with a few of your own in the process.

Get down to business and pull out those linens. Your storage system is going to look streamlined and stylish by the time you’re done!

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