5 Bedroom Trends To Keep An Eye On

A Cutting Edge Bedroom

How should you decorate your bedroom? It’s a pretty simple question, but as you look into it, things become a little bit more complicated. Maybe you want a bedroom that’s trending like the latest mansions among the elite. Maybe you’re not interested in trends.

Maybe you mix sensibilities from today with those from yesterday. Regardless of what moves you, here are some considerable trends. Hopefully, these will help and give you some good ideas.

Decorative Arrangements That Are Modern And Comfy

This site lists eight decorative trends you may want to look into. They range from earthy tones in décor to the sort of bed styles that move you. There seems to be an increase in patterned decor—even that which may “clash” a little.

Explore what works on the linked site, and other similar ones; see what you like. The idea is to be comfortable, and keep pace with the times.

Technological Expansion – A TV On Your Ceiling

Did you know there are projectors that can be hooked up to your smartphone, and which are available at $100 or less? Now granted, the cheaper the projector, the less quality it will provide. However, when it’s dark, and you’re lying in bed, you don’t need a lot of quality to get the ball rolling.

Basically, you hook the projector up, aim it at a point on the ceiling that’s comfortable to look at from your bed, turn it on, and drift into the dream world. Your whole ceiling can become a television screen! There are other technology options like this as well. Miniature humidifiers, web-based “smart” devices of the IoT variety, and the list goes on.

Mattresses Designed For Intimacy

Sure, you and your spouse can sleep on a bunch of blankets stretched taught over some milk crates. Or, you can have some second-hand bed acquired for next to nothing. But why not get a mattress for sex?

This is trending, and it’s good not only for your relationship but your comfort overall. Even if you’ve already got a comfy mattress, those designed for intimacy have notable advantages.

Hide-A-Bed For Tiny Homes

It turns out more than 50% of Americans today would consider living in a “tiny home”. Tiny homes have square footage that tends to be less than four hundred feet. Many beds are in a “lofted” area, but there’s no headspace, and you’ve got to crawl to get to them. Decorative arrangements tend to match such spaces.

The thing is, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night and bang their head on the ceiling of their tiny home? What some who live in these little houses do is design custom “Murphy beds”. These are beds that can fold up into the wall so you don’t even know they’re there. Your living room can double as your bedroom without much hassle.

Even larger homes can benefit from this sort of arrangement. Also, you ultimately reduce home cleaning hassles associated with maintenance.

A Canopy Bed Without The Canopy: Just The Frame

This is a distinctly 2021 trend: basically, you have a canopy bed frame, and you don’t add the canopy. This gives the room a little “drama”.

There’s an aesthetic benefit involved. It’s also a visually striking way of decorating your bedroom. And, if you decide to add a canopy, doing so is as easy as throwing some sheets up there and attaching them to the frame.

Having A Trendy Place To Sleep At Night

A canopy bed frame, going the “hide-a-bed” route, securing mattresses specifically designed for intimacy, being more technologically savvy with things like digital projectors, and exploring modern decorative trends (like those involving earthy tones) represent some of the most notable bedroom trends of 2021.

Explore some of these, and at minimum, see what they inspire in you. Everyone is different. At the end of the day, you want to sleep—and that’s what your bedroom should help you do. Find décor that results in restful outcomes.

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