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Why Social Media is Important to Our life – Reasons to Consider

Why Social Media is Important to Our life - Resons to Consider

I always feel like social media is an addiction, a very strong one, or so-called people’s “spiritual drug”. We use it every single day, even every minute which same as we need to eat and drink water in life. Social media is a very wonderful and amazing creation, which changes our world turn into this information times right now. I attend many lectures, talk with many people and have many experiences about how social media impacts people’s life.

Once a time, I heard people said that if you don’t have LinkedIn then you don’t exist in this world. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Right now, as long as you have a phone, then you get any kinds of social media options, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat… Personally, I got 4 social media on my phone. And sometimes, it made me busy, because different social media I used for different groups.

Such as one for my family, the other one for my school, the third one for my friends and the last one for my business. Seems like I own these four social media that I get everything in my hand.

Here are sorts of points that I summarize as advantages of social media:

  • It is the easiest and fastest way to get to know people for the very first time. For example, if you are interested or feel nice on someone, and you might want to make friends with that person. Then you just check out her or his social media to gain as many as information that you want to know. Either this person is outgoing, shy, like travel or what kind of pets they like… anyway, you could get a lot of information from that page which very simple, easy and effective.
  • It is the most useful and effective way to make a connection with people. Having great networking is a very significant thing right now. Networking means to connect, to talk and to create common senses. Particular for people who want a job, or you might just simply send a message and invite people to have a couple of coffee. But be careful that how to write down things in your social media, because it might be the first place that your future boss or HR manager will check out. Or it could be the first place of your impression.
  • It is the best way to show yourself. In social media, people could post anything they want, e.g., your favorite food, the places you travel, the school you attend, the attitude you have or the sport you play…Overall, you could show any kind of lifestyle that you want to show.
  • It creates opportunities for doing business. There are two examples I want to show. The first one, as we know Facebook makes profits from the advertisement. Those businesses put their products or services Ad into the most popular social media because this is the easiest, fastest and useful way to make those potential customers see those things when they scan their phone. And recently, I just hear another very excellent one, the Social-Geek, which providing very professional social media service for B2B and B2C; being evaluated as a five-star rating; owning 10,000+ clients; good marketing reputation; and very nicely to provide scholarship to students which in this way to pay back and appreciate this society.
  • It is the way of share experiences or knowledge which as a bridge to delivering information around the world. For example, you could check people’s pages to learn sorts of skills about how to become confident during the job interviews. Or how to take care of a little puppy for the first two months.
  • It also is the best way to get to know what’s going on right now in the world. I believe most young people don’t read Newspaper regularly. But they could scan news via social media. In this way which could raise their interests either relate to policy or any kind of social issue.
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And you could see from every point that I make above. Social media, the keyword is “Information.” Before, since the beginning of human civilization, the whole world was separated as a few plates where lives in different people. There was no connection, no relate, completely isolated and information was recorded as a picture or ancient language.

Afterward, people tried to explore the rest of the world, so who was going to make sorts of connections with other people in the other places. At that time, the most popular way to deliver information was writing letters. Then, there was the coming newspaper, bookstore, school, post on the wall or any kind of new method to pass information among the public. Till nearly centuries, the internet came up and brought new ideas. It changes the whole world became into “open-mind” and “well-connected”.

Nowadays, nobody could live isolated or without the internet. And the best creation is social media which is the bridge connects each other around the world. For example, you could chat with a friend who lives in another side of the earth; you could ask Siri to check out the nearest restaurant when you travel outside; you could make the professional and great LinkedIn page to impress your future career people or you could share your excellent life experience or creative idea online… In another word, everyone lives in such open, information-basic and communicated times.


Lastly, I want to say that social media has already become the most important part of our life. It seems has already seeped into our blood, our mind, and our soul. Think about, people around us, who check their social media so crazy. For example, they might do this when waiting for someone; during the boring class or meeting; checking out news or share-market in office; before get to bed or even in the bathroom.

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Anywhere, anytime, people just scan their phones and accept different kinds of information via social media. But, why social media is so important to our life? Because it could provide information that we need, and makes the world become more communicated, more connected and more creative.

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