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Why New Year’s Resolution Doesn’t Work

Every year New Year comes with lots of blessings and new hopes. We all always pray from God that makes me, my family and friends happy, and now please do good with us. I think this is the most common wish that we all tell to God during the New Year prayer. Some people send flowers to Bangalore and some other things to their loved ones. People order online flower delivery in pune special gifts from Bloomsvilla for their loved ones. Everyone tries to be happy, gentle, kind, polite with themselves, and with others too. They do new things because we heard since our childhood, that whatever we will do on New Year, it will be for the whole year. And I think this is the main reason behind making New Year’s resolutions. You must have heard from your family members, friends, colleges, and other known people that, I take this resolution, I take those resolutions, etc. But almost 90% of people don’t go wrong with their New Year resolution for a month. Many of you also have done this too. Now, you will ask why it is happening. So let us understand it one by one, what is the reason behind your incomplete New Year resolution. 

The first reason is taking a resolution that is opposite to your personality:- I know you have lots of questions in your mind after reading this. Here, I want to say taking the wrong resolution. The first and one of the most important reasons behind breaking your New Year resolution. You don’t even know that this resolution is for me or not. We live in an era where most of the activity and decisions we take because someone else is also doing it. And here you lack. Look, everyone has their own priority and potential. So before taking any New Year resolution to think twice, you need to do this or not. Then think, whether it is for you or not, whether it is beneficial for you or not. When you get all the answers, then you will understand, whether you need to make a resolution or not. And if you need to do this, then what resolution you should take.

The second reason is no planning and deadline to complete the resolution:-  You must have heard in your school, and from your elders too, make a time table of what you have to do. Most of the people took a resolution but then didn’t know how to complete it. So first make proper planning about what you have to do, and how you have to do. For example, you want to make a flower bouquet by yourself, but for this, you need first fresh flower delivery in bangalore. So the right planning is very important. So after taking a New Year resolution, make plans to complete the resolution and also set a deadline for yourself. 

The third and most important reason is laziness:-  This is one of the biggest reasons behind your incomplete resolution. You know, if people do everything that is above mentioned but their laziness comes between it. Most of the people have this thinking, I will do it from tomorrow. And let me tell you very frankly, this tomorrow never ever comes. I think most of you will definitely agree with me. So leave the laziness, and do work for completing your resolution according to your planning. Don’t compromise with your plans for completing the New Year resolution. In starting, it will be difficult for you. But trust me, if you will work every day, it will become part of your life. So when you become habitual, your laziness will also stop you from completing your resolution. 

The fourth reason is working without making a chart:-  You work every day, but you don’t know how much you work for completing your resolution. Because of this, many people’s resolutions aren’t complete. Because they think I am working but nothing is happening, so it’s better to leave the resolution. For this, make a chart or mention in your diary your daily effort towards your New Year resolution. It will guide how much more effort you have to put. And when your New Year resolution is complete, don’t forget to celebrate your success. 


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