Why do you need to legalize documents?

Not all documents issued by the authorities of one country have full legal force in another state. Even a notarized translation of papers will not solve this problem. For her, the international rules provide for the consular legalization procedure.

When do you need legalization of documents ?

UK apply to the Manchester Regional Translation Bureau in order to legalize documents, in cases where they plan to present them in another state. In most situations, the papers are requested by the authorities. The most popular cases in which people turn to us for consular legalization:

  • employment, study abroad (diploma, supplement to it, certificate, police clearance certificate);
  • obtaining a residence permit (birth and marriage certificates, police clearance certificate, bank statement);
  • financial transactions, including the purchase and sale of real estate (power of attorney to another person, bank statement);
  • getting married, getting married in another country (birth certificate translation, divorce certificate, declaration of failure in marriage);
  • receiving an inheritance left in another country (birth, marriage, death certificates);
  • business goals (constituent documents, powers of attorney).

It is worth remembering that there are countries for which an apostille stamp is sufficient . These are the states that have signed the Hague Convention. UK also has a number of agreements with other countries that bilaterally simplify the preparation of documents. In this case, a notarized translation is sufficient. You can check with our managers if you need legalization for the country you are going to.

Please note that Ukrainians are being legalized in UK . Abroad, this procedure is not done. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the departure in advance. If you are abroad and do not plan to return to Ukraine, then for legalization you need to issue a power of attorney through the Ukrainian consulate or from a local notary with its subsequent legalization.

How is the legalization of documents carried out in Manchester?

There are 3 main stages, each of which is stamped:

  • passing through the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • passing through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • consulate of the country for which the document is legalized.

Each country has its own requirements. Knowledge of the nuances helps to prepare documents quickly and competently. Certificates, certificates and other official papers are translated and notarized. For some documents, double legalization is required, in which the stamps of the ministries are put twice, the second time after the consulate.

Knowledge of all the nuances, stages of registration helps to quickly resolve the issue. Legalization of documents should not be postponed until later, because a timely appeal to our office will save money, time and make the upcoming trip carefully planned.

Where to legalize documents in UK?

Manchester Regional Translation Bureau helps clients to make UK documents valid abroad. Our experts will help you prepare the documents correctly, send them for you to the ministries and consulates. The advantage of contacting us will be time savings, no need to stand in queues and bypass offices on your own.

You receive a ready-made, legalized document that is legally binding in another country. Such a document is accepted in official bodies and institutions, which allows you to advance in the fulfillment of any legitimate goal in another country, even if you are a foreign citizen. Legalization helps to expand boundaries, to make the world accessible to you.

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