Are you looking to invest in the hotel and restaurant business or want a new face for your business? It is advisable that you acquire your supplies from trusted dealers, especially when buying online.

In addition to that, buying in bulk from a wholesaler will save time and also cut on costs. As any business aims at making a profit, buying in wholesale is one way they can achieve that.

It is the Hotelity came up with BuyFnB to change the purchasing techniques of Hotels and restaurants in the UAE from the traditional to online methods.

BuyFnB is an online dealer for hotel and restaurant supplies. It is part of the Hotelity General Trading LLC Company which is a prominent supplier in the F&B industry.

By checking out on the website, you can be able to find products and purchase online in wholesale and get a return on your investment.



How does BuyFnB work?

Hotelity General Trading LLC came up with BuyFnB to make the purchasing process easy and faster. It is through making it a purely online process and making sure clients pay for and receive their orders within a specified time.

BuyFnB provides a mixture of quality, style and uniqueness to its customers. The online purchasing of goods has made the whole process to become more efficient and transparent.

It is a step in the right direction, considering how traditional purchasing takes long making it inefficient and unreliable. Online purchasing cuts out the time taken to move from one stage of the process to another.

BuyFnB is also trying to restore client trust in online shopping and also popularizing it as a perfect alternative to traditional forms of conducting business.

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Therefore, by partnering with the best brands across the globe, BuyFnB has established itself as the best online store for all hotel and restaurant supplies in the UAE.

Advantages of buying on BuyFnB

Purchasing your hotel and restaurant supplies through BuyFnB comes with several benefits. Before buying, you must understand what benefits you’ll gain from it. Here are a few;

  1. Free shipping – For UAE residents, purchasing in wholesale from our site helps a great deal in saving your money. For orders above AED 300, you benefit from the free shipping service.


  1. High quality of products– BuyFnB sources its products from trusted global brands. It makes the products they deal with to have a sense of quality and style.


  1. Secure Checkout – by accepting credit and debit cards as a way of payment, BuyFnB has made the payment process safe. It also includes the integration of the cash on the delivery policy.


  1. Quick delivery – BuyFnB processes and delivers orders within 48 hours. Therefore, you receive your selected products within that time, making it fast and reliable.


  1. Refund on products – In cases where a client is not satisfied with the product, there are conditions and procedures laid out on how they can get a refund.


Our trusted brands

As Hotelity General Trading LLC, we do not produce any hotel and restaurant supplies. We source our inventories from trusted brands all over the world.

The quality standards we put help us to make sure that the products sold on BuyFnB are the best in the market. It has gone a long way to create trust between our clients and us.

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Our brands have some things in common, style, top quality and durability. They have proven these in other markets like Europe and Asia, why don’t they do it here?

Some of the brands we collaborate with include; Koru Kids, Athena, Platex, Fratelli Guzzini, Emile Henry, Wild Magma, Tafelstern, and many more. A customer has a chance to choose a product from his/her preferred brand.

Where do we deliver?

BuyBnF currently delivers in the UAE with plans to extend delivery to several countries in the future. As mentioned earlier for wholesale buyers, the purchasing costs are significantly low.

In addition to lower prices, there is also a guarantee on free delivery of products within the UAE. Some of the places we deliver include; Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm Al Quiwan, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai.

Our Clients

BuyBnF has a massive pool of clients, some of which you can trace on our client review section. Many of them are big eateries across the UAE that always buy from Hotelity General Trading LLC.

Clients that buy on our platform include; Accor Hotels, Armani, Atlantis, Conrad, Burj Al Arab, Fairmont, Marriot, Hilton worldwide, Jumeirah, Four seasons, Rotana and many more.

The clients, as mentioned earlier, are regular customers of our products. With many positives to talk about our service, they have always come back to purchase more on the BuyFnB online store.

How to buy on BuyFnB

BuyFnB is the top online hotel and restaurants, wholesale supplier. To access the products we trade-in, you should create an account through our website.

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Creating an account helps you avoid the stress of filling details every other time you need to purchase something. In addition to that, it helps you to shop quickly. You can also know about offers that are available on the platform.

After feeding the information correctly, you can now log in and check on the products displayed on our website.

If you wish to see and touch the products physically, you can call the customer care and schedule a visit, regardless of whether you’re buying in bulk or retail.


Having read to this end, you’ll never make a mistake when buying online. Receiving your goods in time, paying through a secure platform, returning goods you’ve no interest in and buying in bulk. These are some of the benefits you get for buying through BuyFnB.

Therefore, following the guidelines given in this article will help your business to grow or gain a new shape if you had intended to refurbish it.

The quality of our products means that they will be durable enough and you’ll get a return on your investments.

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