Who Really Uses A 6 Monitor Setup?

Now that we know that productivity increases by 20 to 50% when you use multiple monitors, it’s no surprise that a big number of people are opting for a 2 or even a 6 monitor setup. Having said that, the obvious users of these setups are gamers and traders. Although anyone can benefit from having a trading computer. Why not check out this store of the largest producer of trading computers, including laptops? They have the potential to make your life simpler and easier.

Who Uses a 6 Monitor Setup?

If you have money to spend then you can use a 6 monitor setup for a mini-cinema home experience. Nevertheless, the key people who tend to go for a multi-monitor setup are detailed below:

  • Traders
  • Gamers
  • Professionals


Anyone who deals with the stock markets needs to have data readily available and their graphics updated in real-time. Furthermore, they’ll need to view multiple sources of information which they can easily spread out across a multi-monitor setup. Imagine trying to constantly flick through technical charts, order flows, and market news whilst trying to place deals? All of this without getting confused about the course. On the other hand, you can lay everything out perfectly across your monitors.


The great advantage of a 6 monitor setup for gamers is that it gives them a phenomenal widescreen experience. If you’re a gamer, you can also invest in curved screens. Many prefer feeling immersed in their game with the surround-style visuals. Professionals tend to also work with high frame rates that only large screens and trading computers can deal with. Let’s also not forget that gamers tend to sit for hours. So, the more they can limit straining or moving their heads and bodies then the better they’ll feel.

Gamers also need a high-quality video card. This is what allows them to have reliable graphics that update instantly. In fact, most like to specify their own graphics card depending on the type of games they play.


Anyone who works on anything will appreciate the extra space offered by a multi-monitor setup. Whether you opt for two, three or even a 6 monitor setup will depend on what you do and how you want to use it. There’s a fine balance between increased productivity and having more distractions that you’ll have to manage. Either way, being able to spread out different work across multiple screens can have huge advantages. Overall, you’ll be able to improve your efficiency as well as your comfort and general ergonomics.

The Benefits of a 6 Monitor Setup for Traders and Gamers

  • Speed and reliability
  • Graphics cards
  • Resolution

Speed and Reliability

To support a multiple monitor setup, you’ll need a trading computer or one that has enough RAM, CPU, and GPU graphics card power. With a RAM of at least 16GB and either an Intel or Mac quad-core CPU processor then you’ll be good to go. The quad-core technology allows the processing unit to divide up the work across its cores essentially making it more efficient.

Graphics Cards

Most computers and laptops have an integrated graphics card. Although, some gamers like to build their own computers and specify exactly what they want. If you opt for getting your own graphics card then make sure that you have at least 4GB of GPU power but ideally up to 12GB. When it comes to gaming, the higher specification is even better because this is the device that updates your images as you play. Whilst traders need fast updates too, they don’t generally need them in milliseconds.


The level of resolution you want across your 6 monitor setup is more of a personal choice. There are 3 main types of LCD screens currently available with increasing levels of resolution: TN, IPS, VA. Nevertheless, most traders and gamers tend to go for the perfectly good enough TN panels, regardless of being at the lower end of the range. Even though gamers appreciate good resolution, they need to balance this with their high frame rates. The other LCD panels simply couldn’t keep up with the speed of changing frames.

The Advantages of 6 Monitor Setup for Professionals

  • Multiple platforms for simultaneous working
  • Efficient layout
  • Improved functionality

Multiple Platforms

Depending on what you do, you might need to compare different documents or have different platforms open at the same time on your monitor setups. For example, you could be reviewing financial reports on one screen, emails on another screen whilst updating your PowerPoint presentations. Another example is programmers who use their 6 monitors to code in different programs. They, therefore, find it useful to do this across multiple monitors.


Most of us enjoy working at a large desk space which is essentially what a 6 monitor setup gives you. You can spread your work out exactly as you want across your 6 monitors and feel more in control by the improved visibility.


Having a multi-monitor setup means that you have a powerful device that can also deal with lots of things open at once. Perhaps you need to do some research across multiple internet pages? Most computers would crash too quickly. Another advantage is that you can copy and paste and edit videos and documents more easily due to the extra visibility.

Final Thoughts on Using a 6 Monitor Setup

Having a multi-monitor setup can give you some great advantages depending on what you’re trying to do with it. Naturally, you’ll have to play around to find out exactly what works for you. Therefore, sometimes it’s useful to start with two monitors and build up to your own ideal multi-monitor setup. Either way, plan ahead and make sure your new monitors work for you.


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