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What To Wear With Every Shoe Color

The color of shoes you choose can make or break any look. Here are style and color matching suggestions for ten shoe colors. As you put together a new look, keep colors in mind when shopping for shoe styles such as flats and heels for women or sneakers for men online.


Black shoes are typically considered the most formal option. Shoes of this color can be worn with most men’s suits and women’s dresses and other fine clothing. You can also build a more casual look by browsing boots, sneakers or other online shoes for women.


Brown shoes are traditionally viewed as being less formal than black. This neutral color compliments almost every clothing color and style. The material and shade of brown may determine whether a pair of shoes is best suited for dressy or casual looks.


Blue shoes range from neutral navy to brighter, more attention-getting shades. Most stylists recommend selecting shoes a shade lighter or darker than jeans or denim pieces. Blue shoes also go well with white, yellow, red, brown or other neutral clothing.


White shoes are ideal for warm weather and can set off other seasonal ensembles. Shoe design and material determine the season for which a style is best suited. Dress white shoes up or down, but keep footwear looking bright and clean.


Gray shoes are neutral, but that doesn’t mean your footwear has to be low-key. You can buy mens shoesor womens shoes in colors ranging from light heather to dark charcoal that will compliment every clothing color.


Red is an attention-getting hue for shoes, particularly in bright shades. Choose from red sneakers, heels, flats or other styles. Dress shoes in deeper shades such as burgundy can be more subtly stylish and even work as neutrals.


Orange shoes can be a pleasing and slightly retro pairing with neutral shades and earth colors. This unusual shoe color choice also pops against blue, white, red, or yellow clothing. Shoe materials may determine the best season for wear.


Yellow shoes are another bold fashion choice. Footwear in this shade may be neon or bright or softer, buttery tone. Accent darker colors such as blue or black with yellow or create colorful combinations with green, purple or red.


Green shoes can accompany many colors of clothing and styles. Dress these shoes up or down with brown, black, blue or neutral shades. The component primary color yellow is also a natural pairing for green footwear.


Purple shoes are another unusual choice. From light lavender to richer hues such as eggplant or indigo, purple goes with black and neutrals as well as bright colors such as pink and green. The extent to which your shoes stand out depends on the shade and type of footwear.

Pair an outfit with matching footwear or shoes that provide an eye-catching accent. Shoe styles determine the fashion, comfort and seasonality of footwear. Dress clothing is often worn with formal footwear and casual clothes with informal footwear, but trend-setting looks also pair contrasting styles.

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