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What Time of The Year Is Best to Host a Shoe Drive?

Have you noticed a growing pile of old shoes in your cupboard? Perhaps you’re wondering how to declutter and if others have the same problem? Although, you might also be searching for your way to help others and give back. The great news is that you can both declutter and give back by organizing a shoe drive whilst having fun at the same time.

Organizing your Shoe Drive

  • 1 or several days
  • Hosting
  • Post-event activities

Number of Days

As you’d expect, putting a shoe drive event in place involves some logistics and planning. You need to consider whether you’ll be setting up a proper event where people can congregate and donate their old shoes. This could be a great way to attract people because you can offer drinks and snacks at the same time. Also, you can do this over several days and get that many more people to come and donate. After all, they’re more likely to find the time for an event over several days.

Having said that, clearly you need to balance the need to collect as many shoes as possible with the time and resources required to set up an event. Either way though, don’t forget that you can place donation boxes around your area before the event. This is the perfect way to help increase the number of shoes collected.


Whatever you decide in terms of days, you luckily don’t have to do it alone. There are many companies out there who can help you with the logistics of the shoe drive. This includes picking up all the shoes you’ve collected. Consider what your overall goal is for your shoe drive and you can work with companies who donate to homeless people. Alternatively, companies such as Angel Bins will donate your shoes to micro-entrepreneurs in South America and Africa. Their aim is to help people build businesses to support themselves rather than having to rely on hand-outs.

Post Event Activities

If you’re working with a company then many will come and pick up the shoes you’ve collected from wherever you are. On the other hand, some might need you to drive the shoes to their site. You should therefore check before you decide who to work with. Also, some will pay you for your old shoes which is always an added bonus.

When Should you Organize your Shoe Drive?

How can you make your shoe drive as successful as possible? Some of the points mentioned above will have an impact. In addition, the timing of the year you go for can also make a difference in the number of people you can attract, as detailed below:

  • Cleaning out Season
  • Back to School
  • Post holidays
  • Weather impact

Cleaning Out Season

When do people in your area do their spring cleaning? The word ‘spring’ gives you a clue but perhaps your neighbours are different? Talk to people and do a mini-survey before you decide when to have your shoe drive. Don’t forget to leverage social media where you can also ask people when it works best for them.

People often need a nudge to start decluttering but they’re more likely to do it if there’s a good reason for it. They also appreciate the extra help of disposing of their shoes. It’s funny how we can get attached to things like shoes. It, therefore, helps to know that they’re going somewhere where others can also appreciate them.

Back to School

Kids outgrow shoes so quickly. This means that parents find themselves in a mad rush of buying new ones just before school starts again after the summer holidays. Parents would more than appreciate a little help to remove the old shoes to make space for the new ones.

Post Holidays

Indulgence is a must for many people on holidays. After all, we’ve worked hard so we need a break. This often also means from the gym. As a result, many come back from holidays resolved to do more running and gym time. Besides, what better way to motivate ourselves than by buying new trainers? You then step in with your shoe drive to help them get rid of the old ones.

Weather Impact

Naturally, we can’t be completely accurate with the weather. Nevertheless, depending on where you’re located, you can choose a time of year that’s more likely to have fair weather. Of course, you can host your shoe drive indoors and school gym halls are often the perfect location. Despite that, there’s something about good weather that drives people out of their houses. Those ones might be more inclined to come to a shoe drive. In terms of making a decision though, you’ll be best positioned to make that judgement based on your area and what your neighbours all prefer. Again though, you can use social media to test some of these ideas.

Final Recommendations for your Shoe Drive

A shoe drive can be a huge amount of fun especially if you have some great friends to help you along the way. In addition, find the right time of year and you’ll soon be surrounded by grateful people who feel happier after a good declutter. Best of all, you’ve done your bit to help others. What better outcome could you hope for?


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