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What is Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder?

Nowadays it’s perfectly normal to have loads of things. You have all sorts of objects and accessories at home that are made from a wide variety of materials. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Often things just break too and it can be a problem. In addition, many things like jewelry, shoe heels, belts and telephone cables are difficult to repair.

We have the solution: Bondic UV adhesive! What is  Plastic Welder? It is a liquid plastic soldering iron that hardens under an ultraviolet LED light. Liquid plastic is capable of gluing what glue cannot and it can also be used to apply an extra layer of plastic for gadgets, cables or any other component that needs it.

What is Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder?

The answer to the question: What is Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder cannot be explained in a line. It is a liquid plastic adhesive with which you can immediately repair all objects, including personal items such as jewellery. You can save your money from unusual spending for glue or adhesive. You don’t have to throw away the broken item. Its conventional adhesives cost a lot of money. You may have glued the glasses, but after a short while, they have broken again because the glued area does not hold properly. This makes the glued piece even more sensitive than it was before. Bondic is an effective and alternative solution to join broken things.

How to use Bondic Liquid?

Its use is quite simple, first, it is applied in the area where we need it and then with the ultraviolet LED light we solidify it, we can apply all additional layers that we need to strengthen the bond. It can not only be used for electronic devices, it has many more uses. Now let’s see how to use Bondic Liquid.

  • Sand down the surface of the object that you want to repair (work with sanding material).
  • Now apply the liquid plastic to the sanded surface.
  • Make sure that it can be irradiated with the UV light (UV LED). Also, have a spare LED (and an LED holder) ready to be on the safe side.
  • Now irradiate the Liquid Plastic with the UV light.
  • The liquid plastic is dry within just 4 seconds.
  • You can also apply more liquid plastic if necessary.

Finished. If you want, you can now paint your work again – the glue is transparent.


  • Do not use the glue under sunlight.
  • Once the material is hard, it can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 150 ° C.

The advantages of Bondic glue

As I said, the liquid glue is perfect and works even when all other glues fail. In the following, I have summarized the advantages at a glance:

  1. Strong resistance: This unique adhesive holds absolutely perfectly and last a long time. Unlike conventional glue, plastic welding repairs your objects and resists over time.
  2. Practical and convenient: It is often the fingers that stick and not the object. In just 4 seconds, the good piece is glued (and not your fingers).
  3. Worth of money: You can repair all the pieces at home and don’t always have to buy a new one. This saves a lot of money and is easy on your wallet.
  4. Easy to use: The glue works super easy. You do not need any prior technical knowledge.

Repair everything with Bondic liquid plastic glue

Who has never dreamed of plastic welding? Well, maybe not everyone, that’s true. But surely that’s because you didn’t realize how convenient it is. What is certain is that with this gadget, you will be able to fix everything instantly.

To quickly explain, this is a kind of pen filled with liquid plastic. You put the plastic on the object to be repaired. And the plastic hardens when you light it up with the UV lamp built into the gadget. Where glue fails, the Bondic pen succeeds in no more than 4 seconds.

As I told you, this device comes in the form of a pen. And it is designed for plastic welding. Thus, it is equipped with a UV lamp powered by batteries. It is this lamp that causes the liquid plastic to harden once you apply it to your object to be repaired.

On the other side of the pen, you will find the hole where the liquid plastic comes out. In the same way, as with a soldering iron, it suffices to apply the liquid plastic to the part to be repaired. Then turn the pen over to use the lamp and harden the plastic. Your item is now like new!

What’s great here is that the liquid doesn’t harden until you use the UV lamp. This gives you plenty of time to apply the amount you need without pressure.

Don’t throw away anything that is broken!

We all have a bunch of items of all kinds. And in a way, we get attached to it, to these little things. You all know that terrible feeling that overwhelms us when you accidentally break one of these precious objects. People who can fix anything and everything with their own hands have always impressed me. For my part, when I break something, I have only a solution: Bondic. Nothing better to waste your hard-earned money.

Where to buy Bondic Liquid?

Now that you know everything about this great product, you are probably wondering where to buy it. That too is very easy. I recommend you to purchase the Bondic plastic welder from their official website, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Best Buy.


Repairs by plastic welding are very resistant. You will no longer have a problem. After reading the total discussion, you have got the answer to the question: What is Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder? A wide variety of materials can be bonded and you don’t always have to buy something new just because something broke.

It works best on flat and clean surfaces, like a plate, for example. Avoid contact with skin and keep out of reach of children under 12 years old. The plastic welding pen is really easy to use. In addition, the liquid only dries when you heat it with the UV lamp, a breeze.

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