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What If Marriage Licenses Ceased to Exist?

Marriage Licenses

Have you ever thought about why the government requires a marriage license? If you love someone and want to share life and your belongings with that person, why should you need your government’s permission?

Few of us ever ask that question. We just accept the practice as normal. We need a marriage license to be entitled to health insurance offered by a spouse’s employer. As United States citizens, we consider ourselves freer than most of the world’s people, but the truth of the matter is that most of what we do each day is monitored, regulated and recorded. 

Imagine if the law were just to fall away. Perhaps we’d resort to common law marriage rules. In a common law marriage, all that is required to form an agreement is a verbal exchange between two people. At the moment, only a half dozen or so states recognize common law marriage. If a couple married by common law were to move to another state where the practice was not recognized, they would have to prove they were married according to their original state’s common law practices. Common law marriage even varies from state to state.

So, why consider the possibility? After all, couples have been obtaining marriage licenses for many decades. We’ve accepted it as the norm and rarely think twice about it.

If the government were to devolve, marriage licenses would cease to be granted. In fact, marriage licenses would no longer be valid, and a couple would be free to move on without hindrance if they so choose.

We are on the cusp of just such an occasion. The United States of America corporation is bankrupt and has been since 2020. In 1871, a new constitution was signed, which one of the public is not aware of. That constitution was written to benefit the banks and allowed U.S. citizens to be traded on the stock exchange by bankers.

The current administration is operating as White House Inc. In the near future, the public will become aware of the situation at hand and the changes taking place to restore the original constitution by our military. When that happens, the United States will be governed by common law and marriages will also be regarded by the same rules.

The promise two people make to love and honour one another need not change, only the promise to allow their relationship to be regulated by the government.

The process of getting a divorce would also change. In a common law divorce, both parties are entitled to half of everything, no matter the length of the marriage. Everything is simpler and easier for the everyday person to understand even without translation by an attorney. Divorces should be more peaceful as there will be no judge involved in future divorces. 

If it’s easier to get married and get divorced, hopefully, more people will come together for the right reasons and separate before their marriage becomes bitter. The freedom to be happy either way will be an easier choice without interference from the government.


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