Home Technology What Are The Tips And Tricks To Make Yahoo Your Homepage?

What Are The Tips And Tricks To Make Yahoo Your Homepage?

What are the tips and tricks to make Yahoo your Homepage

I know, Yahoo is one of the best all in one toolbox available on the market. It is hard to compare Yahoo to something else; it is in its league. Yahoo has much to offer and many people like me love to use Yahoo for their daily dose of news entertainment, sports, finance and more.

If you are like me and use Yahoo all the time, then you can make it your homepage in every browser. So, you won’t beat when you are away from your desktop or mobile. Accessing Yahoo services with ease from the homepage is the best idea for people like us but changing the homepage might be difficult for some people. This is why we have decided to write a complete guide for you to make Yahoo your homepage. I’ve seen the question posted on many forums ‘I want Yahoo as my homepage’ and decided to make something meaningful for them as well.

The process to make Yahoo as your homepage is pretty easy but it is different for different browsers. So, we will look at the process for all the web browsers available for us.

Let’s get started.

As we’ve mentioned earlier that setting for different browsers is different, we are going to start with Google Chrome.

Settings for Google Chrome

If you want to make Yahoo your homepage on Google Chrome, you have to follow these steps without any question.

Let’s have a look.

  • Open Google Chrome in your computer and click on the three vertical dots from the top right corner of the window to open a menu.
  • Now, tap on the Settings option from the pop-menu.
  • Now, go to Appearance and click on the Show Home button option. Then, a new option will appear, click on the Change button to change the homepage.
  • A new pop up will appear for changing the homepage where you have to select the option of Open This Page and enter www.yahoo.com for the Yahoo homepage.
  • Now, you need to go to Startup Settings and choose ‘Open a specific page’ in the On Startup section.
  • Then, you can enter the pages by clicking on the Set Pages link.

This way you will be able to change the homepage of your Google Chrome web browser.

Now, let’s shift our focus towards Firefox and look at how to change settings of the Firefox browser.

Settings for Firefox

Here is how you can make yahoo homepage Firefox, follow the steps.

  • Launch the Firefox browser and click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) from the top right corner and select the preferences icon from there.
  • Now, go to General Page and then When Firefox Starts, choose to Show my home page option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, you need to enter yahoo.com in the Home page field and click on the Save.

This way you can change the homepage to Yahoo in your Firefox browser.

Settings for Microsoft Edge

Settings yahoo as my homepage in Edge is not that difficult, I followed these options for the process.

  • Open the Edge browser on your computer and click on the More icon (three-dotted lines) on the top right side of the window.
  • Now, select the Settings option from the drop-down menu and go to advanced option.
  • Now, click on the ‘A specific page or pages’ option in the Open Microsoft Edge option.
  • Enter yahoo.com and click on the save button and then you can go to advanced option to Show home button.
  • Now, you can open the Yahoo home page from the Home Button on your web browser.

Settings for Safari

Yahoo homepage set up for Safari is as follows, follow it carefully.

  • Open the Safari browser and click on the Safari icon and then click on the Preferences option.
  • Now, click on the General tab and look for the ‘New Windows open’ section and click on the Homepage option.
  • Then, you have to enter yahoo.com in the text field in the Homepage field.
  • Now, close the preferences window and restart the browser to affect the changes made.

After the restart, you will be able to use Yahoo as your Homepage in the Safari web browser.

These are the settings for major web browsers available in the market. Look for the settings for your default web browser and have a go at it.

Learn More: make Yahoo your homepage on Google Chrome

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