Ways to Become Popular in Music Industry

Being a musician nowadays makes you a part of a highly competitive industry with diverse marketplaces and audiences. It may be hard to navigate among them if you are just starting and have nobody to guide you. It’s also exhausting to learn about marketing strategies all of you own when you have never signed up for that. All you want to do is to work and release some music that will be listened to by a large audience. And definitely make a living out of it too. If the situation sounds familiar, these tips are for you. You don’t have to waste hours and days studying something that does not interest you. You could make a good use of that time just by spending a few minutes on this guideline. We have made marketing 101 easy.

Content talk will not be part of the guideline. If you are a musician looking for the ways with which you can start a successful career you probably already have the content ready. Or just enough talent to create one. The problem is in correct advertising of your content and yourself as a musician.

That out of the way, what you really have to do is to invest in yourself and what you’re passionate about. If you really want to make your music known you need a platform where you put out your work. Internet musical media platforms such as Spotify are created exactly for that purpose. Spotify is one of the biggest music markets covering more than 90 countries worldwide. And they work on becoming accessible everywhere. Spotify gets over 280M+ unique monthly listeners and 190M+ downloads. 

You will be surprised to know that it’s really all about numbers. You don’t have to do maths or anything like that. Just think about it! You have probably heard of “the record for the biggest opening on Spotify” when the talk is about the new release of a huge artist. Spotify records for daily, monthly, annual listers is a thing. And it is important. Names like Drake and Rihanna hold some of them! Usually the songs with a high number of Spotify streams are the ones that enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, arguably the most prestigious music chart in the world. 

So you see, numbers do matter. But you can’t really magically gain numbers without having thousands and millions of people willing to listen to your work. There are ways to attract the audience by for example, sharing your work on other social media platforms with more followers or potential engagements. But there is an easier way to gain listeners. is created for that exact purpose. You don’t have to spend too much. Just a little extra money on unique listeres that will immediately boost your popularity. 

Gaining a high number of listeners helps you in one way or another. Not only will it make more people want to engage with your work, it will make them check out your profile, potentially giving you a follow. In that way you build your own audience that are willing to listen to your future releases. More audience means more sharing of your music on social media of their choice. Multiple at once might be the case too if they end up being your huge fan. One last thing and everybody, including big fan bases know about this too. High number of listeners and followers means a better chance at getting your album or single playlisted. Playlisting is important for charting as well as gaining the attention of the general public.


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