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Volunteer translator – it may sound crazy and not clear to some, but such people do exist. You, of course, may have a completely logical question. Why would people volunteer in this kind of field, because there are a huge number of different translation agencies in which they can provide their services and earn money, and not work for nothing? So let’s find out what influenced these people and became the reason why they decided to volunteer.

Of course, if you hear about it for the first time, it looks a little wild, but in fact there is nothing unusual about it. After all, a lot of people are daily engaged in various kinds of voluntary activities, whether it be helping the elderly and sick people or, in general, any kind of help to those in need. So volunteer translators are doing something similar, although in this case they help not only people who need a quick translation of any documents, but for example foreigners who have come to their country or city and would like to get to know him better, or simply provide the services of an interpreter at various kinds of meetings and conventions.

You may ask: “How do you manage to do all this and earn money?” The answer will be obvious: “Nothing.” This is the whole point of volunteering, people do it not for their own benefit or because of selfish intentions, but in order to get pleasure simply from the fact that you helped a person who needs it, or even just to refresh their knowledge of the language. In any case, each person has their own specific reasons for volunteering. Sometimes, as a reward for their work, they may be offered money or some valuable gifts. But even without this, they are happy to volunteer. Of course, volunteers do not do this all the time, many work in some translation center.or another company, they have their own responsibilities, concerns and they are not always able to take part and provide assistance everywhere. But, despite this, they are always happy to attend events that require the services of an interpreter.

Volunteer translators

In any case, volunteer certified legal translation services are kind and selfless people who are always ready to help and devote themselves to their favorite work, regardless of whether they receive an award or simple gratitude for it.

Price question for a translator

Basically, translators are not particularly versed in the intricacies of negotiation, since in most companies this is directly dealt with by the management. Although you can find more than one translation agency that do translation of document entrusts such transactions to ordinary employees. Without knowing the rules of the game, it is difficult to bargain with a client and defend your position, so you need to thoroughly prepare before the upcoming meeting.

            The most negative outcome for a translator is instant defeat. Basically, everything happens like this: the contractor names the price for his services, the customer does not agree and everyone goes about their business. Well, how can you do business like that? You need to remember the commercial streak and the desire to make money. Never let go of a client until you sign the necessary papers and come to a mutual decision. This is the first rule.

            Shy and inexperienced translators easily give way and allow the client to control the situation. You are the main thing in this transaction, therefore you will set the rules and prices at your own will (of course, within reasonable limits). Don’t let anyone dictate the terms you will have to work on in the future.

            Set an unspoken rule for yourself – not to be interested in the financial situation of the client and not to ask how much he expects to place an order.  Therefore, wait until the moment when it comes to paying for the transfer, and then discuss all the nuances.

            As soon as you have reached the price issue and named a certain amount, the customer, as expected, will begin to express his indignation. You must explain why the cost of the work is more than expected, tell about the difficulties that have arisen or other advantages of your translation. In many cases, the client is willing to pay big money if only he gets a quality result.

            The ability to negotiate can also be attributed to a certain talent that a person was awarded from birth. But even working on yourself, you can open up a lot of potential. We’ll have to, of course, sweat over it, but in no other way.

Professional staff of the translation bureau

            Any company and translation center is no exception wants to see in its employees people who are able to conclude any transaction on the most favorable terms. And naturally, the higher your skills, the more this will affect your salary.

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